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Hey there lovely! So I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a buzz going around about Pinterest and how it can help you drive 3X more traffic to your website, increase your sales by 40% and consistently grow your email list.How? Because it’s a search engine and people are looking for inspiration and find products to buy instead. 87% of Pinners have purchased something from Pinterest and are willing to pay 40% more for that product than if they had found it on Facebook.And it’s exciting because anyone who is beginning to use Pinterest as a business tool is getting incredible results within the first couple of weeks.The second reason it’s so exciting is because it’s free to use AND takes only 30 minutes to an hour a week to maintain! I mean, I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of time & money saved for any small business owner!Once you set it up and share your content, other pinners are saving, re-pinning and sharing your pins (and basically providing free advertising for your biz!).It’s an amazingly simple and passive way to grow your business so that you can focus on your more important tasks.If you have an online business, then you can be using the power of Pinterest to increase your income. Creatives, coaches, Etsy shop owners, bloggers, online shops, healers and product based businesses should all be on this platform to reach a huge new audience!So here are how you can hack the Pinterest Algorithm so you can start generating leads for minimal effort(and no cost).Set up a Pinterest Account if you don’t have one! Takes about 5 seconds to do.Set up your Business Pinterest Account, verify your website & enable Rich Pins.A Business Pinterest Account will allow you to access analytics so you can see the engagement, reach and audience of your pins. Rich pins make your content look more professional and protects your pin’s links getting broken.Optimize Your Pinterest Profile with SEO Rich KeywordsBecause Pinterest is a search engine, you want to insert as many keywords in as many different areas as possible so the people looking for your product/service/information can easily find you! Create Eye-Catching and Professional PinsYou can use Canva.com, a free platform to easily create and design your pin images.Start Pinning!Download my FREE cheatsheet that gives you a ton more tips on how to optimize your Profile including how you can set it up so you only spend 30-60 minutes per week to maintain it!Needing a more detailed guide on how to optimize your Pinterest Profile? Then Click Here for my FREE cheatsheet showing you exactly how to optimize your profile and increase your income!Let me know if you have any questions!