Hey neckpiece is simply anything worn or placed

Hey Fashion Lovers, So I guess we are all aware of how a neckpiece can make a statement, even for the whole outfit on you, yeah? If you are in this category, then we are on the same page but if not, let’s bring you on.A neckpiece is simply anything worn or placed about the neck, it could be a scarf or strap, a piece of Fur, a neck chain, a choker or even a neck tie for men as long as it is wearable around the neck. Being that a neckpiece makes a style statement and could stand as a point of attraction for you when worn, it is important to have a knowledge of what sort of neckpiece goes on different neckline and this will mean identifying the type of neckline you have.The choice of a neckpiece is particularly determined by the event that is being attended. A classy event could get you going for a piece that is not too big or bright while you could do less of a sophisticated piece for a daytime outing. A plunging neckline for instance exposes major part of your chest region such as your neck, Chest and cleavage; a long/chuncky neck piece will do well to reduce the attention drawn to the chest region due to exposure.For a V-neck line, a neckpiece that gives same V neck shape of the cloth worn goes well. Preferably, a piece that ends somewhere around mid chest avoiding any piece that would drape into the cleavage, thereby drawing away attention from the exposed flesh at the Chest Region and drawing more attention to your faceA crew neckline isn’t as complicated as the V-neck and the plunging neckline, rather it allows for variety of neckpiece determined by Individual choices. You can obviously play around different shapes and kinds of neckpiece with this neckline since it isn’t specific.The Round and scoop necklines has a major rule which is basically to allow the neckpiece or neck lace fit in the open space giving a shadow of the clothing, whether a dress or top. Large chunky necklaces and delicate neck pieces will go well for this neckline.Finally is the collared shirt neckline, which is very common because a large number of Ladies dress official and love a smart look. To compliment this neckline appropriately, You should go more for Bold neck pieces, fuller/ Chunkier piece of costume jewelry. This allows for more attention to the drawn to your neckline rather than the shirt since most collared shirts are known to be very Simple.