He rules on the basis of their studies

He compares poetry with the art of other artists. He makes the poets superior by comparing their works with the works of other artists. He says an astronomer studies stars and puts his investigations into the arrangements which nature has made. A geometrician and arithmetician deal with the things which are measurable. The musician studies the harmonies of nature and imitates them in his art. The natural philosopher cultivates his art from nature. The moral philosopher deals with the natural virtues, vices and passions. The lawyer studies the decisions and laws which mankind have made. The historian is concerned with the actual deeds of human beings that they have done in the history. The concern of a grammarian is rules of speech. The rhetorician and logician frame rules on the basis of their studies of the things which actually exist.

Philip Sidney connects all arts except poetry with nature. He says all other artists are limited to nature.  He calls the poet real creator because the only poet has the vigor of his own invention. He is of the view that poet makes things better than that what nature has or makes quite new what never exist in nature. He says poet goes hand in hand with nature. Poet is not enclosed within the constricted sphere of nature but he is confined to his own wit. Sidney is of the view that the world of nature is not as pretty as poets make it charming.

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“Her world is brazen, the poets only deliver a golden.”

Sidney mentions Aristotle in the regard of his defense. He says that according to Aristotle, poetry is an art of imitation. Aristotle uses the term Mimesis to define the nature of the poetry. This term means a representation. Philip Sidney describes this representation as “a speaking picture”. According to Sidney, the picture painted by a painter is the mere picture but the picture presented by a poet in his poem is speaking picture as it speaks to the readers. The poet’s picture is motivational. It teaches and delights the readers. It stimulates the readers to move. It drives them to perfection. Sidney says poetry bestow a Cyrus upon the world to make many Cyruses.