Have are some organizations that are involved in

Have you heard of sustainable development? Sustainable
development is economic development that is done without losing natural
resources. Sustainable development is the future. On the 25th of
September of 2015, 193 countries gathered to make sustainable development
achievable. The UN hopes to complete their mission by 2030.


There are many benefits of
sustainable development. Having sustainable development means we have to meet
our needs for today without harming the future; using nonrenewable resources
could harm the future. The renewable resources we use can save the world and
slow global warming. Solar cells, for example, are one type of sustainable,
renewable energy source that we could have in our houses. This list could
continue, but we wouldn’t want to bore you that much.

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Although there are many benefits, this project has many
challenges as well. Its research is very expensive, the climate may change to
affect the energy sources, meaning that when cloudy solar cells would be
useless, people may break the law and start to emit carbon through smoking, and
some countries may not agree to this idea, and may ruin it for the rest of us.


There are 17 goals of sustainable development. They are: no
poverty, no hunger, gender equality, good education for all, clean water, good
health, affordable and clean energy, economic growth, industry innovation and
infrastructure, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities, responsible
production and consumption, peace, life on land, life below water, climate
action, and partnership to complete all these goals. Some national sustainable
development projects are: the NSDS and myclimate.org. The UN and the Franco-Brazilian
Research Project are some organizations that are involved in sustainable
development. Here, in UAE, there is a sustainable development project in Masdar
City, Abu Dhabi. It is what is known as a “zero carbon city” meaning that it
runs entirely on renewable energy and it has no carbon footprint, and with this
in respect will not harm our planet.


There are some international sustainable development
projects. Greenpeace,
a sustainable development project based in Indonesia, hopes to halt the destruction
of natural forests and instead change those into palm oils and other substances
that are useful. Botanic Gardens Conservation International is a project in
Africa which hopes to introduce botanic gardens to make nurseries for
endangered trees and other plant life. This also introduces new jobs for the
local people of Africa.


order to help further the goals of the UN, we have created what we call a
hydroelectric purifier. It is a machine that consists of a bowl, a tube, a tap,
a heater, saltwater, and a hydroelectric generator. First, you input saltwater
and heat it up to a boil. The water will boil, making the water vapor flow
through the tube, which should cool it to regular water. It then powers the
hydroelectric generator, making electricity, while supplying clean water. This
can get rid of poverty as this will open opportunities for jobs. This will also
clean water, while making sustainable energy that we can use to light up our
homes and do other tasks which require electricity. This can also be added with
a purifier to supply clean drinking water.


All in all, sustainable development is just a way for our
community to be healthier, stronger, and generally better. We are working
towards trying to forge a better future, where humanity can prosper. In our
opinion, sustainable development is a very good idea, and we would like to see
it implemented in our daily lives.