Growth his health if he exercised regularly. But

Growth and Development: Spongebob did seem to have grown and developed normally. From youth to his adult stage, he grew normally, and gained weight like someone normally would. Although, it is odd that his smile only consists of two teeth, and none have fallen out and none have grown in.Nutrition and physical fitness: Spongebob does not eat very healthily. He eats krabby patties everyday. He also has kelpo, a kelp cereal for breakfast everyday. Eating this many krabby patties a day could be fine for his health if he exercised regularly. But that is not the case for spongebob. Spongebob exercises once in a while. When he does exercise, he puts two stuffed animals on a stick and lifts it. He clearly struggles and can barely lift that. I believe that it is because of his poor diet and inconsistency in exercising.Safety and Injury Prevention: Spongebob is sometimes safe and sometimes pretty reckless. When fighting Sandy in karate for example, he uses a helmet to prevent injury to his head. On the other hand, there have been many occasions when spongebob has not been careful and got injured. For example when spongebob tries to “live like larry”, he jeopardizes his and Patrick’s safety by catapulting right into a island of spikes. He was then hospitalized and put into a wheelchairAlcohol,Tobacco, and drugs: In one episode, Spongebob and Patrick went to Weenie Hut Jrs. They both ordered “ice cream”. But, the ice cream is not normal. I believe there is alcohol or some sort of drug in the ice cream. This is because when the ice cream was consumed, Spongebob and Patrick seemed drunk with slurred speech and wobbly walking. Then next morning, Spongebob showed symptoms of a hangover and was not his normal self. Spongebob goes to Weenie Hut Jrs once in a while, so he doesn’t consume drugs or alcohol very often. Stress Management: Spongebob is a pretty stress-free individual. His job and homelife do not cause him much stress. If he is stressed, he relieves it during his job, which is making Krabby Patties. He also watches tv in his house to relieve stress.Communicable and Chronic Disease: Spongebob caught the disease Suds in one episode. Only sponges can contract this disease.