From from the beginning with raw materials through

From the above definitions a summary definition of
supply chain can be outlined as, all the activities involved in developing a
product from the beginning with raw materials through to the end user of the
supply chain, while managing the required activities throughout the process.

When defining the Supply chain, some authors have gone
on to defining the idea of supply chain management. Ellram and Cooper (1993)
define supply chain management as “an integrating philosophy to manage the
total flow of a distribution channel from supplier to ultimate customer” (Ellram & Cooper, 1993). Both Monezka and
Morgan believe that integrated supply chain management concerns moving from the
external customer and handling all processes that are needed to present the
customer with value in a horizontal way. (Monezka & Morgan, 1997)

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Supply Chain can also be defined as the network of organisations
that are involved in the upstream and downstream linkages, the activities and
processes that harvest value through the product and service that is delivered
to the firm’s end user. This means that supply chains are comprised of multiple
firms, both upstream (supply) and downstream (distribution) and the end user in
the supply chain. (Christopher, 1992)

According to La Londe and Masters a supply chain is a
set of firms that transport material in a forward manner. Usually numerous independents
are involved in manufacturing a product and ensuring that the supply chain user
receives the product once the manufacturing process is completed. The members
of a supply chain consist of; raw material and component producers, product
assemblers, wholesalers, retailer merchants and transportation companies. (Londe & Masters, 1994)

Over the last number of years various definitions of
supply chain management have been offered due to the growth in popularity that
this concept has gained. Supply Chain Management will be described through the
perspective of different authors