Free Sample Essay on Should There Be Liquor Prohibition in India

One can come across numerous cases where the so allied individual’s right to drink has resulted in collapse of family harmony and health.

People resulting to such mean things like life-beating, using abusive terms, neglecting children, selling properties and last but not the least endangering their lives as a result or cause of liquor addiction are quite common in the society.

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Should these people have the right to have their own way? Should they be allowed to encroach upon other’s right to live life harmoniously-however close they might be.

But perhaps the “scenes” one has listed are credited by the people “addicted” to alcohol. But what about those people and their rights who go for a page or two in order to enjoy themselves, in order to celebrate some rare occasions?

Further it is scientifically proved that a moderated does of liquor may in some cases be beneficial for health.

Liquor prohibition in general might in fact, become a blessing in disguise for those who have become slaves to alcohol, but for the people who exercise self restraint such a policy would certainly be encroaching upon their right to live life accordingly.

Beside his question of individual freedom his contribution of liquor to the national revenue can not be ignored.

A national ban on the sale of liquor would have disastrous impact upon the livelihood of lakhs of people employed in the liquor industry.

Also there has been suggestion that liquor should be banned in five-star hotels because they do not promote tourism in any way. Liquor might not promote tourism but lack of it in five-star hotels, frequented by foreign tourists would affect tourism negatively.

Actually in modern society any issue related to mankind ultimately comes up to subjunctive conviction. The habit of drinking is started out of individual preference and it can be stopped only when comes to realise its repercussions.

But considering the enormity of the problem what is needed is active co-operation of the society and government.

Though the performance of government in creating awareness among the people regarding issue like family planning, compulsory primary education etc. has not been up to mark, still the hope of change lies though the government’s will power only.

It should encourage volunteer organisations in spreading awareness about the possible repercussions of liquor consumption.

Thus the rising trend of liquor addiction also becomes a result of overally social backwardness.

But considering that the awareness campaign is a long term “treatment” and to have desired impact on the society one has to wait for a good period of time one can suggest some temporary measures like restricted sale and a judicial increase in the prices of the liquor also.

Further the problem of liquor production is a problem of law and order too. We have instance of illegal liquor factories also and it is here that law has to tighten its grip.

Only then one can come up to the “optimum” situation were liquor consumption is just a matter of self-choice, not self-compulsion, considering the fact that complete liquor prohibition on the part of the state is not feasible.

The reported thinking of the Andhra Pradesh Government to lift the ban on the sale of liquor on the one side and the increase of liquor sale in Delhi and Punjab due to ban of liquor sale in Haryana are cases in point.

Even if there is a nation-wide ban we may come across further problem of smuggling along the lines of drug trafficking.