Findings that they did not regret what had


analysis of the data gathered revealed the following:

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Financial Needs

1,2,3, and 4 revealed that their financial status is their main problem. It is
difficult for them to give the basic needs of their children such as foods,
clothing and education. Even if they have their work it is not enough to
sustain their daily need expenses. Moreover, other working female solo parents
from this study claimed that their income is enough and can sustain the needs
of their children, as well as their education. Aside from their job, the
fathers of their children are giving monthly support for their children and
they also have side-line jobs as addition to their income.

Emotional Needs

emotional needs there are working female solo parent who said that they
regretted that they become a solo parent. They felt lonely, helpless, hopeless,
and lack of identity and confidence. They are also not contented with their
situation. Thinking on how they solve the hardship that they encountered makes
them stressful. Some working female solo parents also said that they did not
regret what had happened to them they just pity their children that they belong
in this kind of family structure. Other working female solo parents said that
they are insecure with parents with a complete family. Working female solo
parents said that even though their children did not feel the presence of their
father they will make sure to do their best serving as both father and mother
to their children.

Time Management

female solo parent in this study said that they have limited quality time for
their children due to their work and the location of their work. Their only
time is during day-off and holidays. Other working female solo parents who work
in far places not often visit their children and their only way to keep in
touch with their children is to call every day after their work.



findings of the study imply that there are several challenges that working
female solo parents faced, among which are financial, emotional and time
management. Financial stressors have a very strong effect on the life styles of
the mother and the children concerned because these could affect the provisions
of their basic and daily needs, education and school needs.

          The emotional stressors are most of
the time triggered by the financial instability of the family. When the solo
parent has limited finances, then her emotional stress indicator would be high
resulting to stress and anxiety. The emotional aspect of the solo mother and
her children are caused by shame and embarrassment that they are in this
situation which is not normal for a good family life.

          Time management becomes a problem for
solo parents because they do everything often simultaneously just to support
the family. Solo parents have to practice the art of multi-tasking to cope with
the problems in work and at home.

          With the different challenges of
working female solo parents they need to come up with coping mechanisms to help
them solve their problems. They need to work double time and be skillful in
multi-tasking to be able to get additional income, thus providing for their
needs. They need to accept their situation as a way of life to stabilize their
emotional stress. They also need to establish good time management to cope with
all the challenges that they faced. Ultimately, when they can cope with all
their stressors, they could live their lives with the hope that someday they
will be able to succeed.