Estimator360 contractors with an attention on residential projects.Ø

Estimator360 is the next evolution of Bid4Build and includes new exchange bits of knowledge and many years of building background from its Chief Operating Officer, CEO, Paul Messner.Ø This group has made a new process for construction estimating, communicating and managing the entire building process.Ø With the assistance of Chief Technology Officer, CTO, Chris Spanellis, alongside a group of driving innovation designs and chosen business experts, they constructed Estimator360 with leading-edge cloud software development techniques, business workflows and measures.Ø Estimator360 is an absolute new solution for the construction industry providing speedy, secured, intense and manageable-to-use software attainable from any gadget and platform.Ø Suitable for smaller construction corporations and contractors with an attention on residential projects.Ø The software runs building calculations and assigns quantity values to estimate assemblies.Ø Suppliers and trade partners can enter and save costs precisely in the system’s cost database.Ø The system allows suppliers and trade partners to offer on estimates.Ø Clients can create, present and honor custom proposals, contracts and alter orders. The system comprises digital signature usefulness to manage contracts and alternative documents.Ø Estimator360 produces estimates around the client’s timetable and incorporates usefulness to oversee timesheets for the more extensive group, suppliers and trade partners.Ø The system additionally includes a dashboard with visual providing details regarding costs, resources and job progress.2.0 FEATURES OF SOFTWARE1. Assemblies & Divisions· Assembly Wizards guide you through the Divisions of Work, which follow the proper order of residential construction.· A comprehensive catalog of pre-packaged unit cost Assemblies for every job specification and requirement.· Estimator360 does all the building calculations for you and assigns quantity values to the Assemblies in your estimate automatically!2. Real-Time Supplier Costs· Easily invite suppliers and trade partners to bid on materials and service/subcontract line items.· Suppliers and Trade Partners can enter their costs directly into the system using a simple browser link, free-of-charge. Estimator360 will keep track and manage all of this information.· Can even award the Suppliers and Trade Partners electronically for the Purchase Order.· Eliminates any requirement to maintain industry cost database pricing, which won’t match the actual Supplier and Trade Partner costs in the first place.3. Manage Your Clients· Create, present and award custom Proposals, Contracts, Change Orders with ease.· No more old print, sign, scan and then email/fax/mail to Clients, Suppliers, and Trade Partners.· Easy and quick Digital Signature workflow process to manage the flow of documents and contracts.· Create binders for the Projects and store files, photos, schedules, reports and any other important information.4. Automated Scheduling· Automatically builds schedule, and Estimator360 manages the Crew, Suppliers, and Trade Partners.· Estimate-Driven scheduling is not only smart, but it’s also an incredible time saver. No more old scheduling processes, and/or the need to use separate scheduling software.· Simply set the start date, work schedules, and project resources.5. Timesheets· Log the time directly into Estimator360.· Track time, in real-time, and in one system.· No more written timesheets to get the payroll in order.· Measure Crew Productivity, while Estimator360 learns your crew’s behavior, improving the accuracy of the next estimate.6. Dashboard and Reporting· Easier to take action with important Company and Project information available at the fingertips.· Be proactive in managing the bottom line of the Projects with the data which need to make important decisions.· Gain real-time visibility so can analyze and manage critical costs, resources, and job progress.· Track the right metrics so will have more time to focus on growing the business and profitability.3.0 ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SOFTWARE3.1 Advantages of Estimator360Estimating Module · There were provide all the module for the beginner. · The module was teaching proceed step by step from start to end.Software Upgrade · Estimator360 will have an upgrade each month once time, the purpose to upgrade is fixed the bug and keep the data always secure. · Software upgrade patch will be always in small size, not required for very strong connection.Friendly user to CAD operators andother’s · When insert Cad to software it was respond · Direct transfer CAD data into the software. · Can do take offs quite easily even just upload blue print or scratch drawings.Listing price · It is easy to use when using listing price, there was be multiple set of pricing and Estimator360 can be stored and copied. · It can use cost code data in time(hour) and generate automatically the schedule on calendar.Features · Provide quickbooks, integration, crm. · Flexability to user · Always refined and Upgrade useful features.3.2 Disadvantages of Estimator360License for software · Annually license fees. · Expensive price.High performance request forhardware · Low performance device can’t running the software. · Only can run with Intel i5 and above processer.Manual Sync to data base · Any adjustment on project it will not sync to data base after save. · Small cloud storage of data base for user. · Pay more for extra storage.Customer service · Take long time to answer the call. · Not toll free to customer. · Replying Email slowly.4.0 COMPARISON BETWEEN USING MANUAL ESTIMATING AND ESTIMATOR360Manual Estimating Estimator 360Time/Speed · Manual estimating required weeks or months to prepare a complete bill of quantities that needed to show to a customer or to bid a project. This may cause errors in bill of quantities if emergency case happened due to shortage of time. · Estimator 360 can do the works, which required weeks and months within hours or days. · Bill of quantities is produced automatically from estimate measured one all the data is keyed in to the system.Cost · Cost needed for manual estimating is much cheaper than a computerized system which needed a software because: – Only papers, pens, calculators and computers are needed to do an estimate. – Yet, printing might cause a big amount because it required printing out A2 or A1 size of the drawing to get the correct dimension for estimating · Buying estimating software isn’t cheap, some need few hundred dollars, some might cost up to few ten thousand dollars. · Before buying the software, a well-functioned computer is needed, which will cost you few thousand dollars for the computer. · Regular update of the software is required every year to keep you up-to-date all the time. This will cost you another few hundred orpurpose. thousand dollars every year.Accuracy · Lower accuracy compared to Estimator 360 because all calculations are done manually, human error might happen due to the worker condition. · Some item or work might be left out due to human error. Thus, a well-organized checklist of work will help reduce the chance of omitting an item or work. · When the works and calculations are done by a group of people, every people will have their own assumption. For example, different people will use different decimal points. This little differences will leads to overestimated or underestimated, which will affect the profit or loss of the company and the reputation of a company. · Estimator 360 has higher accuracy than manual estimating because: – Calculation can be done once all the dimensions or data needed is keyed in to the software. Therefore, human error is reduced. – Yet, if wrong dimension or data is used, it will leads to failure of the whole project. – Estimator 360 will create a schedule including the functionality to manage the timesheets for broader crew, suppliers and trade partner.Convenient · It is least convenient when compared to a computerized system with an estimating software because: – Required to print out and bring a bunch papers when meeting the · Estimator 360 is much convenient than manual estimating because: – It doesn’t require printing out and bringing bunch of paper when meeting the clients. – All the data can be accessedcustomer. – When estimating, we need to refer to the drawing one by one to get the correct dimension to avoid misused the wrong value. anywhere and any device once it’s saved to the cloud. – It can be shared to the clients, suppliers and trade partner easily even it’s not meeting up.Security · It is less secured compared to Estimator 360 because: – All the paper work might be gone due many ways. For example flood, fire or many more natural or human disasters. Unless make copies of all pages which leads to a long and inefficient process. · Estimator 360 is more secured because it’s a cloud-based platform for construction estimating and management. · All the data will automatically back up and save to the cloud. · Estimator 360 is come with a secured payment processing, which integrated with Stripe, their ecommerce partner. Stripe is used by thousands of business and uses the latest encryption technologies, as well as two-factor authentication to protect all your information in a safe and secured fashion.