However, enquiring into causes of riots each

However, when we study the actual working of any of these Committees they appear to be a hoax of sorts. It appears that, when the Government feels it is at a loss to solve any problem, it just forms a Committee and is then done with it. On its part, the Committee gets infected with lethargy, and only bides for time, getting extensions for months and the final outcome being an absolute NIL.

Government has set Committees of specialists for the study of agricultural procurement, for women’s welfare, for tribal welfare, for enquiring into causes of riots each time they occur and so on. These are undoubtedly established in good faith but, what is the end result? There is apparently no result visible to the naked eye of a common man. With this sort of working of Committees formed by the Government they have become a laughing stock in the eyes of the public.

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The general view about the so-called Committees is that, they are formed only as eyewash, so that the general public loses sight of the said problems, and forgets them.

Most of the Committees are heard of, when they are newly formed and, soon they go out of the public eye and are forgotten, and their formation becomes blurred from public eye. It would be better if such Committees are formed with a time frame which is meant to be strictly kept and is not to be relaxed at any cost. If also, their results are not declared in the time frame, their remuneration should be reduced or even cut all together. If the Government wants these Committees to become helping hands for the Government, it ought to be very strict with the procedures laid down for them.

If this does not happen these Committees/ Commissions turn out to be a farce and only appear to be a pastime for the Committee members and a slur on the functioning of the Government.