There Our Constitution too great us the Right

There has a worldwide growth of the print media even after the emergency of the electronic media. There has been an increase in the circulation of newspapers around the world even after the emergence of electronic media and the internet. The newspaper does play a very important role in the working of any democracy.

Our Constitution too great us the Right to Freedom of Expression which is manifested, in free press in our country. In a democracy, newspapers are the best way of educating people politically and socially. They play a decisive role not only in updating the public but also in formulating a well-balanced public opining. The public reads about the current event, interprets them and learns to intelligently participate in the political, social and economic affairs of the country.

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Print media also works as a bridge between the government and the people. People get to know about the latest policies of the government and it also builds up the public opining, there like, disliking or demands. In fact, Newspaper is the vox populi or voice of the people in any country. It is the common man’s university, giving lesson on life at large.

They are powerful vehicle for propaganda. The common man finds the leaves of thought form the newspapers so that he can formulate his own opinions, ideas and judgment about the issues that press the current political, economic and social scenario. In the past , the critical situation like the Chinese aggression against India , the Sino-Soviet rift , the negotiations between the countries on issues regarding disarmament or nuclear test been proposals, the Pakistani invasion, formation of Bangladesh, party wrangles etc, have been handled with great maturity by the press.

Who can deny the role that newspapers play during the time of budget, elections or even related to the implementation of various government police or the five-year plane etc?

Newspaper also reflects public opining thus formed through letters to the edition which are usually published in a separate column. Moreover, print media provides great incentive to business by large number of advertisement on a variety of things as a house on sale, shop, electronic good, stationary, cloth stores, glass ware, crockery shop etc. Matrimonial advertisement, job-opportunities, obituaries are all advertised through the print media.

The Print media, if used unwisely, for satisfying personal greed, and without any through towards personal responsibility can be extremely harmful for the health of any society. If used so, instead of providing nourishment to the society it can function as a parasite and destroy the essentials of the society. They can instead of creating, leaving the society hollow and fragile.

Many a times we see the newspapers trying to cater to the transient need of life and to apple to the emotions of masses instead of maintaining an intellectual level. They even lower the moral tone and public substandard materials to increase their readership. So many a times newspaper impartiality and indulge in mud-slinging or even communal propaganda. These thoughtless means of easy money provide temporary financial benefits to a handful of people but prove to be extremely disastrous in the end for society at large.

People involved in this profession should realize the massive responsibility they should and sacredness of the duty that they perform. They should avoid personal bias and prejudice to cold their good sense. They should rise above mischievous propaganda and blackmailing in order to serve the society better. Instead, they should try to combat social evils, communal forces and also keep the government on its toes, committed to its promises. It should try to make people politically conscious and keep patriotism and national pride alive in the people.

Print Media should also try to broaden the public view by generating interest and awareness about international events. Thus, we see that despite the rise of electronic media to prominence, it has failed to dislodge print media form its vantage position. Print Media still remains the most common means of creating public awareness and it will continues to be so even in the time to come . Hence, with time we need to be more responsible, discursive and vigilant as readers so as to discourage irresponsible press and create conducive environment for the formation of a responsible and mature Print Media.