Why back, there was an on-rush for the

Why is it then that the problem of large scale unemployment stares in our face? For the vacancies numbering as 200, 20,000 applicants are there to apply. This malaise needs a study and an analysis.

The reason actually is that our total educational system has remained very much ill-planned. There has never been a planned assessment of what industrial developments have been taking place and what sort of jobs are in demand.

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The net result of this is that there are lots of jobs for which qualified people are not available and there are job-seekers for whom there are no jobs.

Young men coming from the rural background who have studied in the schools of their vicinity mostly take up the literary stream as those schools have not been able to afford properly equipped science labs and have not been able to seek recognition in that branch and such young men coming out of such schools are obliged to pursue the same course of study even at the higher level and end up in doing their graduation even post-graduation in the humanities group for which jobs are hardly available.

Most of them are not that brilliant as to be able to compete and qualify in the competitive examinations and finally end up in adding to the number of unemployed graduates or post-graduates.

There is also, in our country, a crazy system — these days eve y second young man or woman is hankering and heady 9 towards getting a degree in the commerce stream. For the present there are jobs available for those with a good degree in this stream but if the present trend continues for some more years there is bound to be a glut even in this field.

Once upon a time — some two or three decades back, there was an on-rush for the engineering degree. India was fast industrializing and large-scale construction of roads and buildings both in the private and public sector was going on. Civil engineers were in great demand.

And then there reached a point of time when civil engineering degree holders loitered about seeking jobs even as a junior engineer or even as work/ apprentices.

Now it has reached a stage when even a brilliant engineering graduate is required to be an MBA to secure a respectable job. Engineering or Medical graduates are being found opting for the All India Civil Services — which trend should be stoutly discouraged.

So much of the nation’s money spent in their getting engineering or a medical degree is going waste if they get into the IAS or IPS and get posted as a District Magistrate or a Deputy Secretary to the Government or a police officer in a district or in some special branch. This sort of a diversion is possible only in our country.

In foreign countries, firstly only a very limited number goes in for higher education which remains prohibitively costly and then once a line is chosen by a young man or woman he or she tries to specialise in that branch.

The MBA degree was considered a very prestigious ready for job degree some years back but now. As also are coming out in such large number that also fined them on the street.

There are management courses and management institutes getting opened at every corner of the street, the result being that this degree is also losing its glow and glamour, if is all not an ill-planning, what else is it.

The job of artisans or craftsman is treated in our country as something infra-dig and a young man does not want to qualify himself as a mechanic; a carpenter or a smith. While in a foreign country even for such jobs unless a proper course has not been gone through and a certification is obtained, one is not registered as a workman and none, who does not get registered can, take up that vocation or profession. In India such jobs are treated as hereditary or can be learnt on the roadside workshops and then pursued at pleasure.

What is urgently, needed in our country is a proper survey and a planned assessment of what sort of jobs are most in demand both in the public as well as in the private sector and there needs to be a controlled enrolment in institutes and institutions which should be training young men in such needed jobs. It is a stupendous task, no doubt, but when the government and the private agencies are out to make large scale survey for so many other problems of the country why cannot this grave problem of unemployment be treated at a priority basis and money and manpower be invested and employed to make an assessment of the requirements and then the process of their fulfillment be worked out.

What is actually needed is not only scheming and planning but actually to have a will to find and root of the malady. Only then can be remedy be found out.