The It attracts a daily circulation level

The newspaper I enjoy reading the most is Times of India. It seems to be a natural way of ‘bringing India to world and the world to India’. The Times of India is synonymous is beings the ‘Masthead of India ‘, an opining – forming instrument for India and Indians. The Times of India is not only India’s largest selling English Language daily but also the leading English general daily broadsheet in the world. It attracts a daily circulation level of about 22 lakh copies. It is the largest selling English daily from Tokyo to Paris.

Its own history constitutes an authoritative slice of the history of journalism in India. Since its inception in 1838, it has witnessed and reported the marking of the phenomenon called Modern India. It has been moulded by the doyen of English journalism in India, In turn moulding public opinion in India, re-inventing itself along with the time to remain the India’s favourite English newspaper.

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The Times of India, according to me, is a brilliants place of reading to any newspaper reader. It is a daily masterpiece, in fact! No doubt it has had its phases-communal, secular, pro-India, pro-fundamentalist over the year. But it always was, and is-and ever will be the one and only, the greatest with a typical Indian flavour to it. The Times, is a high water mark in journalism in India. I enjoy reading its well-rhymed headlines, which tickle the humorous bone of every individual and also add a tinge of Indian spice even to the most boring and mundane piece of news. Everything sounds like an interesting jingle or a couplet.

I enjoy reading every part of the newspaper right from the headline to the last page-sports page, finance and business, world and the edit page. The first thing I go for after getting the newspaper in my hand is the cover page cartoon of RK Laxman.

Moreover, the regular columns by jug Suraiya, Shobha De, Gurchharan Das, Swaminathan Aiyar and Bachi Karkarin are all very interesting. All the columnists colour life with their pen and imagination blending it with reality very exquisitely. The Sunday Times with its Review, Deep Force, Mind over Matter, Open space and Special Report are all very vivid and interesting.

Any person who enjoys reading can spend a few houses with this faithful friend. Not only that – I like to keep track of the movies to be telecast on the various channels and cracking my bring with the crossword puzzle even though I always get stuck after the first few initials lucky strokes . The nice input about lifestyle, fashion, Movies etc too make a good light reading after going through the boiling news of the political and business world.

The newspaper is an excellent information provider and educator for young minds, especially for those who are interested in the field of polity, economic and business. I like reading the editorial every day and also the speaking tree. Every day, there is a lovely and thought inspiring massage that makes a best kind of a reading to start your day with. The Times of India caters to the intellectual need of all kinds of people and that bring about a versatile nature of the newspaper.

Every when I go to school, the first my friend and I do is rush to the school library to take a quick look at the newspaper, especially the Times of India. The paper helps me to keep myself updated with the latest events not only in the country but also around the globe. It helps in increasing my general knowledge, improving my personalities. I can keep up with the fast moving pace of the world, the change that take place every now and then and also enrich my spiritual side. I also enjoy going through the columns on astrology, the tit-bits from the page-3 world and the event in Delhi.

I take, that everyone should develop a regular habit of reading newspapers. Just as we need to have a good and nutritious breakfast to be, hale and hearty, similarly, we need to take a regular morning dose of intellectual reflections in order to maintain a sound and a healthy mind .This habit should be cultivated since childhood by the parents and also should be encouraged in the school through the reading of news daily in the morning assembly, organizing regular quiz competition, based on the knowledge of current events, sports, politics, and economy. Then only can the habit of reading newspaper will be developing and inculcated among child, whom once cultivated will continue till the rest of their lives. The habit of reading newspaper is extremely important in today’s world as it gives us every tiny and minute detail about our surrounding-everything related to the present, past and also helps us to predict or dream the future.

A newspaper help in developing the intellectual and mental faculties of a person and hence should be read with great interest, zeal and fervor. One gets all the information about the stock exchange, the various political activities, the strikes or bandhs and not only this, one gets to know about various options available for one’s career, jobs, vacancies, admissions in various institutions, scholarships in the country and even abroad, various walk-in interviews for jobs and further studies. The Times of India provides every bit of such news and is therefore my favourite newspaper.