1. sell. There is no doubt that personality

1. Personality is not enough:

Sales personality without thorough product knowledge is just like a body without a soul. As a body cannot live without a soul, a salesman having excellent sales personality cannot ensure sales without thorough knowledge of the product that he intends to sell. There is no doubt that personality is the starting point in the selling process.

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Still, perfect knowledge of the product is highly essential for the salesman in dealing with the customers and makes them satisfied. People can even forget the physical deficiencies of a salesman if they are impressed by his product knowledge. Hence, thorough product knowledge is essential for the salesman to be successful in his selling job.

2. Ensures better sales:

While selling, the salesman generally gives more stress on the benefits and utilities of the products and services he intends to sell. Unless he knows the product in detail, he cannot provide essential information about the product or service and its utilities usually enquired by the customers. If sufficient product knowledge is lacking with the salesman, customers may not be convinced about the product.

Misleading and inaccurate information about the product weakens the confidence of the buyers and thereby it affects the sale negatively. Thorough product knowledge helps the salesman to make customers understand how the product will satisfy needs of the customers. Thus it, ensures faster and better sale of products and services.

3. Strengthens self-confidence:

A thorough knowledge of the product or service he is selling helps the salesman to speak with self-confidence and courage. It makes selling a lot easier and helps in establishing a proper attitude towards his work. He can confidently talk to the customers if his knowledge about the product is perfect. Detailed knowledge about the product also helps the salesman to remove doubts and suspicions about the products from the minds of the customers.

4. Makes selling a pleasant task:

Unless the salesman has a detailed knowledge of the product, he cannot get job satisfaction from his work. He will naturally feel that something is lacking. If his knowledge about the product is perfect he finds his job easier as well as enjoyable.

Therefore, a salesman is expected to know every detail of the product he is selling or is expected to sell. Well-informed salesmen therefore get greater pleasure and satisfaction and achieve better sales volume.

5. Ensures satisfactory meeting of objections or enquiries:

Now-a-days most of the buyers are more or less well versed about the products and their nature, function, design, type, etc. while a few others have limited knowledge about products through newspapers, magazines, television, etc. As a result, they make enquiries about the nature, function, design, type, etc. from the salesman.

Unless the buyers are provided with the information about the products they intend to know, they do not feel satisfied. The salesman should be well equipped with all the technical as well as non­technical knowledge of the products and services in order to satisfy them. This enables the salesmen to meet queries from the buyers and convince them.

6. Enables to withstand competition:

Modern era is the age of competition. A number of manufacturers compete with one another to sell identical products in the market. In such an environment of stiff competition, success in selling depends on the up-to-date detailed technical as well as non-technical knowledge of the products.

A competent salesman generally remains well equipped with information about the product he sells and the product of the competitors, like a warrior in the field of selling. As a result, the salesman is able to sell in a competitive market.

7. Projects perfect image of the product:

An ignorant salesman is not able to project the perfect image of the product before the potential buyers because he himself has insufficient product knowledge. By his guesswork, general statements and bluffs, the salesman will try to confuse the buyers.

On the other hand, a perfect knowledge of the product helps the salesman to present a clear picture of the product in the minds of the buyers. A salesman thus is able to win the buyer’s confidence and consequently a solid business relationship is established.

8. Multiplies earnings:

With complete product knowledge the salesman is able to sell more. Earnings of the salesman usually depend on the sales volume. Thus, with the increase in the sales volume and profit of the organisation, the salesman is also able to increase his own earnings. In short, a salesman with thorough product knowledge is able to sell more and thus earn more.

Thus, we see that a detailed knowledge about products is essential for the success of a salesman. Thorough product knowledge instills a lot of confidence in the salesman. Every word he utters, every sentence he speaks is supported by facts and is based on truth. Neither the consumers, nor the competitors can challenge him.

In fact, knowledge of products is the foundation stone of all successful sales. People can forget physical deficiencies of a salesman if the salesman is able to impress them by his thorough knowledge of the product. Personality makes a good salesman and knowledge of the product enhances his capability and makes him a better salesman.