A the period of a war newspaper

A newspaper thus has its immediate need for practically everyone in the family.

Newspapers have a large part to play in providing us with the latest on the national and the international front. During the period of a war newspaper gives an hour to hour report of the war front.

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How great had been the keenness even of the common man to know details of the Kargil war with Pakistan — the heroic deeds of our martyrs — our officers and soldiers.

Newspapers do not only inform us; they even instruct us and help us, influence us to form our opinion on important issues.

The leading articles appearing in the newspapers or their editorials created an awareness regarding the CTBT or about the Pokhran nuclear test, the environmental pollution. We hear about these Otters but newspapers through articles by the specialists on the subject educated us, and enlighten us.

It is not that newspapers have only a passing importance — they are used as a very potent means of propagating a policy or a programme and this is the reason why political parties bring out their own newspapers with a total emphasis on the concept of their political views.

Though of course, this is not a very correct approach in journalism but that is what is, newspapers really need to give unbiased views to enable the widely reading public to form their own opinion and their own views on men and matters.

Newspapers are a mirror of public opinion too. Through their columns, the public can present their views on subjects of national and international issues. Letters to the Editor is one very important part of a newspaper.

Business houses also make great use of the newspapers to advertise their products and to reach out to their customers. The alluring advertisements have a great impact on popular mind and that is the purpose of such advertisements.

But there is one great responsibility which devolves upon the newspapers. This responsibility is to give the correct news, not to distort it or misrepresent it for some error motive.

The newspaper should avoid havocs propaganda as also to avoid news or such which may cause acrimony or conflict among still correctness of the news demands it, interests of the society such exciting news need to be toned down.

Distortion of the news of against the true spirit of journalism. Sensationalism not journalism. Yellow journalism — as the crude and obscene in the field of journalism is described should be avoided as it strikes at the root of the journalist ethics.

Journalism flourishes well only in a democracy where there is no State ruled Press, but the newspapers also need to understand their responsibility in enlarging and encouraging the democratic spirit through an impartial appraisal of issues and by creating a true spirit of amiability and concord.