With just a few matters ahead. I

With good marks in my 10th, I had no problems getting admitted to the desired school. But it was a very heartbreaking moment to leave all my friends in my old school and to come all alone to a new one. I too was very anxious to join the new school the next day. I spent a whole sleepless night. All through the hours in darkness, I kept wondering how would be the new school. What kind of teachers will be there? How will they treat me as a newcomer? Moreover, will my fellows would welcome me or will they ignore and avoid me as a stranger? Will be the only newcomer? Will be able to make new friends? How will I manage to keep in touch with the older ones? With these anxious thoughts I did not realize when I drifted off to sleep.

The alarm woke me up and anxiously I got out of the bed to get ready to face the new day. The uniform I wore made me feel a little more anxious but I was also feeling a little excited now. The excitement, thrill and the anxiety grew stronger as I could see the school building just a few matters ahead.

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I cycled more eagerly and as entered the gate, I stopped to ask the watchman about the cycle stand. He was a short, twinkling eyed and a smiling man. Cheerful he directed me towards the cycle stand. His friendly manner lowered my anxiety and I felt calmer. We exchanged a few shy greetings and with our admission slips headed for the principal’s room together.

The principal too was very warm and cordial. He was very educated and had gentle air of authority about him. We were given a few general instructions about the school and were then asked to head for the school auditorium for the assembly. In the auditorium, the atmosphere was charged with excited and energetic students greeting each other. I was a bit shy but the students were very warm and friendly. Seeing me standing a little away on my own, a few of them came to me and introduced themselves. I also told them about myself. We instantly clicked off. They were in the same class as mine. So we went together to stand in the line.

As the assemble began, I at once felt at home. The nervousness suddenly vanished and I become more excited. After the assemble, the new students had an hour of orientation where we were introduced to the teachers and other important features of the school. All the teachers seemed friendly and nice.

After that we went to our respective classes. The school notice board too had a warm welcome note pasted by the students for the newcomers. My class too was very friendly and cordial. Our class teacher also was a very cordial and a warm person. We did not have much to do that day. So we just talked and whispered to each other. I made a few friends the very first day and that made me feel very happy.

My first day swiftly went by and by. At the end of the day, I felt at home in the new environment and was very happy to have made the right choice.