H.G. horrible thing, constantly more horrible and

H.G. Wells, a great thinker of modern times has rightly said, ‘War is a horrible thing, constantly more horrible and dreadful, unless it ends, it will end the human society’. Can we allow such an end to come to mankind? Does our conscience not revolt against such warfare?

Should it not arouse the international consensus against such atrocious and inhuman act on the part of any country in the world against another?

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Modern warfare is no doubt fought by soldiers, but it has become more and more a war of machines. Soldiers still have occasion to exhibit their velour and sense of sacrifice but if they are short of machine power, they are bound to fail.

Moreover, the war of today is not only a war at the war front or in the field of war. The war of today affects the civilian population as well. A bomb dropped on military installation can also destroy the civilian neighbouring it. In this way the modern war is not only on the battle field carried deep into the hearths and homes of people who have nothing to do with it remotely.

Again to quote H.G. Wells — ‘Hundreds and thousands of men uniformly dressed carrying diverse deadly weapons go to the theatre of war killing those whom they do not know and who have done them no wrong and those who stay at home rejoice of the murder of men’.

Hundreds of bombs were dropped over England by Germany every night during the World War II. But that was more than seventy years back. During this half a century great advancement has been made in the striking power of bombs and they can now devastate the whole country and annihilate a whole nation.

And we feel proud to say what a scientific advancement have we made. Now there are remotely controlled missiles and rockets, which when launched target areas where innocent children may be studying in the school.

Then even more than that, a modern war can turn global and total. It is not one country alone which may be fighting. There can always be their allies who may also side with them and be made-targets by the enemy.

Moreover, the modern war is fought on land, in water and in the sky. Countless weapons of destruction have been brought into existence by science. Submarines, magnetic mines, tanks, long range missiles, even Poisonous gases can form the part of wars now, if ever ought. Total destruction can be the ultimate result and it is because science has made great advancements.

The annihilating power of the atomic and nuclear Japan has greatly increased. The hydrogen bomb is more destructive. The Inter Continental Ballistic has a maximum range of 5000 miles.

And if the world of today may ever suffer a warfare the potentiality and possibility of biological warfare cannot be ruled out. Gases even more lethal have been found. The killing power of the weaponry has far exceeded. Science is advancing — that is what we happily and proudly claim.

Science has created a situation where, in the event of full scale warfare, may God forbid; the whole world may face extinction. Who would remain, who would survive and who would be the victor and who the vanquished — nothing can be said. The world at large would be sitting, as if on a volcano.