He I owe a lot to him for

He is very soft spoken, kind, gentle, helping and caring. He is always ready to listen patiently to the problems of the students. He never refuses any child for help. So many times he goes out of his ways to help students. All these qualities make him a favorite of not only me but all the students. He is our games’ in-charge also. So we all enjoy playing games under his supervision.

My reasons for liking him are many. Last year when I had fallen ill and could not go to school for many days, he got so worried he himself came and inquired about me at my place. My parents and I too felt so good. He then helped me to come up with the loss of studies that I had suffered due to jaundice. In fact, he used to come often with fruits or something or the other and read to me stories. He made me feel special. I feel, I owe a lot to him for my speedy recovery.

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Since then, he has become a regular visitor of my family. But one thing I admire about him is that he is neither partial nor biased. All he demands of his students is to study sincerely and work hard. He is very dedicated towards his work and profession. He is very honest, simple and clear-hearted.

Teachers like him are as fine example of simple living and high thinking. The country needs more devoted and dedicated teachers like him. Students work even harder when they have such inspiring examples before them. He also helps poor students of our class with books and feels more motivated to study and help each other.

That is why; his class result is the best every year. The principal, other teachers and all the students are very proud of him.