Advantages to other forms of marriage. It enjoys

Advantages of Monogamy:

Monogamy seems to be superior to other forms of marriage. It enjoys certain merits over other forms. Some of them may be noted.

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(i) Universally practicable:

Since there is one-to-one ratio ^One-man-to-one-woman) in al­most all the societies, only monogamy can provide marital opportunity and satisfaction to all the individuals. Neither polygyny nor polyandry can equally satisfy all.

(ii) Economically Better Suited:

No man of ordinary income can think of practising polygyny. Only a rich man can maintain a couple of wives and their children. Only monogamy can adjust itself with poverty. For example, even though Koran permits a Muslim to have four wives at a time, no ordinary Muslim can think of marrying four wives for the simple reason that he cannot maintain them.

(iii) Promotes Better Understanding between Husband and Wife:

Monogamy produces the highest type of love and affection between husband and wife. It contributes to family peace, solidar­ity and happiness. Vatsayana, an authority on “Kama Sutra” remarked, “At best a man can only please one woman physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore, the man who enters into marriage relations with more than one woman, voluntarily courts unhappiness and misery”.

(iv) Contributes to Stable Family and Sex Life:

Monogamous family is more stable and long- lasting. It is free from conflicts that are commonly found in polyandrous and polygynous families.

There is no scope for sexual jealousy also. Unlike polyandry and polygyny, it does not give opportunity for having extra-marital sex relationship because sex relations are more strictly regu­lated here. Herbert Spencer has said that monogamy is more stable and the consequent family bond is stronger.

(v) Helps to Better Socialisation:

Since husband and wife have better understanding, they can give greater attention to the socialisation of their children. Children are well looked after and the parents can give their special attention to them. Under polygyny, the husband cannot devote himself full to each of his wives and children because they are too numerous.

(vi) Aged Parents are not neglected:

It is only in monogamy that old parents are protected and looked after properly. Under polygyny, old wives are often discarded and in their place younger wives are brought in.

(vii) Provides Better Status for Women:

Women are given only a very low position in po­lygyny. Their rights are never recognised. They can be divorced at will. But in monogamy, women enjoy better social status. In the modern societies they enjoy almost equal social status with men.