Interrelationship wrath of God. The disobedience of

Interrelationship between the Two:

However, religion and morality are closely interrelated. Religion prescribes rules of conduct and in so doing it tends to identify these with moral conduct. In fact, each religion has a code of conduct of its own which is very often based on moral values. Many times, moral standards draw their support from religion itself.

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The moral and the religious standards are interlinked. If the moral standards are addressed to man directly the religious standards are addressed to him indirectly. The violation of moral codes will have direct consequences to man whereas the disobedience of the religious code or standards will have indirect consequences, in the sense it is believed to incur the wrath of God.

The disobedience of the moral code results in societal disapproval. Benjamin Kidd and C.S. Lewis have remarked that the moral standards cannot have any meaning without the support of religion. In the words of Mathew Arnold, “Religion is morality touched with emotion”. F.H. Bradley writes. “It is a moral duty not be immoral and that is the duty to be religious”.