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According to Kingsley Davis, culture provides the sole explanation for the marked differences that we find between human societies on the one hand and non-human society, on the other. Hence he calls the human social system “socio-cultural system”. The mammals, including primates and hu­man beings have established their supremacy over the non-mammalian social beings because of superior biological traits or qualities.

But from the sociological point of view, the uniqueness and the supremacy of human beings over all the other animals including primates are to be sought through the phenomenon of culture. The primates that represent the highest order mammals too have their own limitations in comparison with man.

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Still, it is true that the human groups exhibit certain traits that are common to all primates. But any modification of these general traits takes place on a physi­ological basis in the case of primate group, but it takes place on a cultural basis in the case of human groups. The following explanation clarifies the dominant role of culture in the socio-cultural system.