It to the core. The road was very

It was our first trip to hill station. So very scene presented before our eyes was novel and thrilled us to the core. The road was very narrow and winding. It was really fearful to look down as we kept moving upwards. The greenery was breathtaking. The vegetation here was very different from the kind of trees and plants we have in the plains. They were tall and pointed conifers. They seemed to be running below us as we kept surging upwards. The curves and turns of the road were very dangerous. One wrong move of the driver could take us hurtling down. Quietly I said a little prayer, as I was a bit scared too.

But soon I got lost in the scenery around. There were a few seasonal waterfalls on the way. I wish we could stop and take a few snaps. A few of the passengers felt nauseated too. Thanks god, none of us had to face such problems. So we enjoyed every inch of the bus journey without any hiccups. We saw a few mountain sheeps and goats grazing on the mountain sides. They were so different from the kinds we had seen before. We were also very fortunate to have spotted a few birds also. They were so beautiful, though we could neither recognize them nor did we know their names.

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A few trees had lovely blossoms on them. The journey was now getting steeper. But the best driver was an expert. We were at a very high altitude above the sea-level. The heart of the plains was completely foreign to this area. It was very cool and pleasant. We also saw terrace farming on both the sides. There were a few people working in the fields. Some men and women were even dressed traditionally. It was lovely to watch them at work in their lovely clothes.

We could see the road winding below like a huge coiled serpent if we just peeped out of the window. We could see every scenery we left behind. Moreover, we could also see the peaks of the Himadri and Himachal ranges of the Himalayas. Wherever we looked there were high mountains and green tall pines and firs. It was a great feeling for us. We wanted the journey to go on forever. We were in no hurry to reach the destination.

For the first I realized how diversely rich is our country. I suddenly felt proud of my country. I also thought if this is so beautiful how much more beautiful would be Kashmir, Ladakh and Siachen. Rightly Jahangir called Kashmir as the paradise on the Earth. Lost in these thoughts, I did not realize when we reached Mussoorie. It realy felt like heaven. I was sad that the journey got over very soon, but nevertheless it was really a pleasant and a memorable experience.