Some of the best ways to spend holidays

Some of the best ways to spend holidays are reading books, drawing pictures, playing musical instruments of one’s choice, listening to music, gardening, travelling, cooking, watching movies, etc. These activities can lessen much of life’s tension.

A good novel with an excellent story can distract our minds and fill us with great delight. Painting in the open also can make our minds afresh. Playing favourite musical instruments, listening music, watching good movies, etc., can also provide a lot of relaxation and enjoyment.

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Gardening is also a good way to spend during holidays. It has a recuperating effect particularly on those engaged in mental work. Travelling is the best way of spending holidays. It, not only widens our geographical knowledge but also, has the capacity to soothe our strained minds. Beautiful scenery, overflowing rivers, vast green fields, enchanting hills, touching landscape, sandy beaches, historical buildings, etc., fill us with lots of joy and delight.

Holidays are a must in everyone’s life, for most lives are full of toils and tensions, ups and downs. Holidays reduce these physical and mental ills. It energises our exhausted bodies and refreshes our worn-out minds. An exhausted body cannot function smoothly. A worn-out mind cannot think and act properly.

Holidays replenish the lost energy and vigour. It removes our tension and worry at least for some time. It cools down the heat and dust of life. Those who work without breaks and holidays often end up having sicknesses, such as ulcer, stomach disorders, psychological ills, sleeplessness, neurosis, etc.

Thus, there is no doubt that holidays can energise our exhausted bodies, refresh our worn-out minds and renews our lost vigour and energy filled hearts. It cools down the heat and the dust of life and fills us with a new zest for life. However, what is important is not the number of holidays we spend but the manner in which they are spending. Indeed, holidays well spent is time well spent?