The was heart thrilling and enchanting. The bus

The driver was an experienced driver and drove the bus fast. In no time we crossed Ulubari, Ganeshguri, Dispur and Khanapara. From Khanapara the bus started to climb. Sitting by the window side, could see the entire city of Guwahati like a patch across the horizon. The view was heart thrilling and enchanting.

The bus continued its ascent. For almost an hour, the bus continued to inch its way through the mountains, crossing many zigzag bends and hairpin turns. The traffic on the road was heavy too. Vehicles of all kinds were seen moving to and fro the road all the time. The initial ascent brought us to a small town called Jorabat and thereafter, the road was plain and the journey smooth and straight. A little later we crossed Byrnihat, an industrial town of Meghalaya, dotted with few factories along the road. Wonderful sights of blue hills, thick forests, patches of paddy fields, small wayside shops, etc. crossed our vision.

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After about two hours, we reached Nongpoh, the wayside hill station almost halfway between Shillong and Guwahati. Everyone got out having some snacks. We took a cup of tea and then wandered about a little to see the town. We saw many Khasi ladies selling all kinds of fresh fruits. Their smartness and their traditional dress impressed me.

Our journey resumed after a break of twenty minutes From Nongpoh, the climb became steeper and sharp. Pine groves, thick forests, numerous riverlets, wayside restaurants, tin-roofed houses, etc. quickly passed by. Within a short time we crossed the famous Barapani Lake and reached Shillong at 1.00 p.m.

Even, though it was mid-afternoon, the air was cool and pleasant unlike the sweating heat of the plains of Assam. Hiring a taxi, we went to the relative’s house. Thus, ended my memorable bus journey- the sweet memories of which continue to sweeten my mind even after a decade. Life is short and, hence, we need to enjoy every moment spent. The manner in which I remember this bus journey only adds to the fact that I enjoy every moment of my life.