ENOIntroduction stomach. It is produced and distributed

ENOIntroduction ENO is the brand name of an antacid powder which is used to decrease the excessive amount of acid in stomach. It is produced and distributed by a British pharmaceutical company named GlaxoSmithKline. The name ENO is given after a British pharmacist James Crossley Eno who first marketed it in 1865. Eno is a very popular fruit salt antacid around the world. Due to its basic nature, it is even used for the prevention of diarrhea, stomach pain, gas, and many other conditions. As it is a fruit salt that contains 60% baking soda sometimes it is used for cooking too.HistoryDr. James Crossley Eno first marketed ENO in 1865. The idea of creating a fruit salt like ENO came to his mind when he was working at the pharmacy of an infirmary in Newcastle where Dr. Dennis Embleton worked, and that Embleton sometimes prescribed an effervescent drink made by mixing sodium bicarbonate and citric acid in water, and that’s how ENO was created. Dr. Eno opened a pharmacy where he made the mixture in 1852, just a year before Dr. Embleton came to work at the infirmary. At that time the fruit salt mixture was very common.ENO was marketed and advertised heavily just like every other patent medicine advertised. It was advertised as a cure for cholera and for “keeping blood pure and free from disease”, “prevention of diarrhea” etc. In present, ENO is one of most successful antacid brand available around the world.UsesENO powder is used as an antacid. It is generally used to get relief from acidity or to decrease the excessive amount of acid in the stomach. It is simple a fast acting effervescent fruit salt, used as an antacid and reliever for bloating, flatulence, stomach gas, upset. ENO is a fruit salt antacid mainly used to decrease bloating in stomach. The method of using ENO fruit salt is quite simple. It can be taken by dissolving it in water. ENO is mainly consists of 60% baking soda. Hence, it is used in cooking for baking purposes too.The main uses of ENO are:-*Upset stomach*Indigestion Stomach acid*Gas*Bloating*Diarrhea*Common cold*Heartburn*Dyspepsia*Acidity in the blood*Gastric lavage in methanol poisoning*Urinary alkalization*Flu*Diabetes*Kidney disease*Kidney stones*Low calorie source*Sweetening agent for the medicinesComposition and Active IngredientsENO fruit salt is mainly composed of salts like Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. The strength of this fruit salt varies with these ingredients. The all available ingredients and contents in ENO powder are:-*Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)*Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3)*Anhydrous Citric Acid (C6H8O7)*Sodium Saccharin (Artificial Sweetener)Science Behind ENOENO Fruit Salt works like any other traditional antacid. As it is basic in nature so, when its mixture dissolved in water, goes in stomach decreases the extra acid in stomach and thus forms bubbles that releases from mouth. The basic nature of ENO when reacts with acid forms a neutral compound that simply gives relief.The plus point behind using ENO is contains 40% citric acid which often decreases acidity.PriceThe price of ENO Fruit Salt is different for different flavours. It varies with flavour and its amount.The average price of a 5gm ENO regular packet is ?6 and the average price of a 100gm ENO fruit salt lemon bottle is ?99. There are different flavors of ENO which are available whose price is nearly same as the average price.Types and FlavoursENO Antacid have added many new flavours. At present it comes in mainly six fruit salt flavours based on its primary ingredients.The available six flavours are as follows:-?ENO Fruit Salt Regular?ENO Ajwain Flavour?ENO Fruit Salt Lemon?ENO Cool mint flavour?ENO Orange Flavour?ENO Cooling Lemon?ENO Mausambi?ENO Powder Cola?ENO Fruit Salt regularENO Fruit Salt regular was first released in 1920, REGULAR was the very first flavor of ENO antacid. It is also available in bottle format.ENO Regular does not contain any other fruit pulp extracts.?ENO Ajwain FlavourENO Ajwain in newly released flavour in ENO fruit salt series. It contains flavours of Ajwain. Ajwain is a home remedy for stomach problems. Hence, it is also helpful in decreasing stomach acidity.ENO Ajwain flavour is also available in bottle format.?ENO Fruit Salt LemonENO Fruit Salt Lemon was first released in 2016. Lemon was is a newly added flavor in ENO flavours. It is also available in bottle format.Lemon being alkaline i.e., Basic in nature helps in the reduction of stomach acid.ENO Lemon does not contain any other fruit pulp extracts.?ENO Cooling LemonENO Cooling Lemon is the next flavour added after ENO Fruit Salt Lemon. It contains Lemon which is very helpful to cure stomach acidity. It also have mint extracts that makes its flavour taste good.?ENO Cool mint flavourENO Cool mint was first released in 2016. Cool mint is a newly added flavor. It is also available in bottle format.Mint helps in cooling down the heat inside stomach and therefore, helpful to cure Heartburn and Acidity.?ENO Orange FlavourENO Orange is a newly added flavor of ENO Antacid. Orange is alkaline in nature and thus helpful to cure Acidity and other stomach related problems.?ENO MausambiENO Fruit Salt Lemon was first released in 2017. It a decent taste of Mausambi and also help to decrease acidity.?ENO Powder ColaENO Powder Cola in a newly added flavour. Ir is released in 2017.When it is dissolved in water it gives flavour of cola and also decreases acidity.PrecautionsBefore taking any type of medicine one should know its precautions.Precautions are the basic key that decrease the chance of side-effect after taking any medicine.ENO Fruit Salt powder is a very good antacid having very few chances of side-effects.Even through one should take precaution before taking ENO.The Precautions that should be taken before taking ENO powder are as follows:-*ENO powder should be taken with room-temperature water.*Children whose age is below 12 years should take a small amount of ENO powder.*Although it is not harmful, women who are Pregnant or Breastfeeding should consult Doctor before taking ENO powder.*Person who drinks alcohol should not take ENO powder while taking alcohol.* Do not exceed the stated dose.*ENO powder should not be taken for more than 14 days in a row.*If your symptoms persist or be worsen, please consult doctor for proper treatment.Effect and side-EffectsENO Fruit Salt is a medicine which is used for treating stomach problems and like any other available medicine it also have some effects and side effects. These side-effects varies with the immune power of an individual. Side-effects of ENO powder is likely to happen when you are an alcoholic, kidney patient or during pregnancy. These side-effects can be normal, high or even worse.The side-effects that are most likely to happen are as follows:-*Sour tongue*Muscle pain or twitching*Nausea or vomiting*Increased Gas*Abdominal cramping*Emesis*Foul tasteEno Powder may also cause different side-effects than these. These side-effects are not likely to happen often. But, these side-effects may or may not occur to an individual depending upon his immunity. These are possible side-effects, that does not occur always.ConclusionENO Antacid is a very good antacid. It gives rapid relief from acidity or any other stomach related problems.ENO antacid should not be taken for a long time without consulting a doctor.ENO antacid is one of the most successful antacid brand available till date.