Engles, family is just an aid to capitalism

(1884) The monogamous nuclear family appeared with Capitalism. But before
there was Capitalism, tribal societies were a classless, and that they develop
a primitive communism, there was no private property. In their society
property was jointly owned, in the tribes there were no families as groups
existed in an unrestrained horde, that there was no boundaries on sexual
relationship. But with the rise of Capitalism in the 18th Century,
society and the family changed. For which Capitalism is founded on a method
of private ownership – The rich and powerful (Bourgeois) used their personal
wealth to invest in businesses to make a profit and didn’t invest for
everyone else. The rich and powerful started to look ways to pass on their
wealth and private property to their heirs, and not sharing it out between
the masses, this is where monogamous nuclear family comes into as it’s the best
way to guarantee who they are passing onto for example there property onto their
son. This display only reproduces inequality for which the children of
wealthy parents remain rich and children of the poor remain poor and the
nuclear family benefits the rich than the poor. For example women in who were
second class in the Victorian era, these women married to achieve financial
safekeeping in exchange for a sexual relationship and providing the
The family is described as an ideological tool, which
educates children and women to accept authority in society.
Althusser, (1971) argued that for capitalism to survive
individuals must be educated how to think and behave, and the family is the
best mechanism for doing this. That Marxist ideology is the best tool to
getting individuals to think and behave in a way they wanted.
believed that the method of socialisation that family engages its associates
in a false consciousness, that the family is an area of disagreement with
uneven relations of power amongst its associates. These become analogous to
the inequalities in society.
(1976) added a more in-depth  case that
the family is  just an aid to
capitalism because the system is structured on domestic workforce of
housewives who supply future workers and at the same time the family  uses the goods of capitalism which helps
the upper class.