Effect overconnectedness leads to many stressful and unhappy

Effect of social connectedness, life events appraisal, shame and guilt among adults.Introduction;In this era of socializing in our global village being connected is very common, and this overconnectedness leads to many stressful and unhappy life events resulting in shame and guilt. Lifeis incomplete without socializing and it is basically the tendency that how people understand,communicates and interacts with each other.  People who suffer from poor interpersonal relationship tend to have less connectedness and aremore likely to have difficulty in coping up different social situations (Robbins, 1995). Unhappy social connectedness makes an individual to suffer from maladaptive behaviors andgreat distress when they try to avoid social situations (Kohut, 1984). The distress thatindividuals suffer is a negative feeling that affects the mental health (Lazarus, 1966). This mayleads to intensity of shame and guilt.Social connectedness is the interaction of people in daily routine it can be a class room, office,home and any social setting. Social connectedness is more likely to have positive outcome so itis thought to be a good and healthy thing. On the other hand its negative outcomes are ignoredthat are more adverse in nature and have serious effects.Many a times due to over connectedness we come across many events that are unpleasant andopposite to our expectations. When something unexpectedly happen it cause a great distress.Shame and guilt is the major things suffered around the globe due to mal adaptive or over3social connectedness. Little factors pile up and leads to great problems, so little things shouldbe diagnosed and cure on time.When over social connectedness prevails it may leads to negative events which leads to intensesufferings of shame and guilt. Mental health is more important than the physical health. So asto benefit the mental health negative elements of social connectedness must be eliminated.Research design;It is a descriptive study.Researcher will conduct the study in two phases:1: Pilot studyFirst the study will be conducted on 50 participants to measure the reliability and validity ofthe research questions.2: Main research studyAfter the pilot study research will be conducted on 200 adults and results will be interrupted.Problem statement;Shame and guilt are the outcomes of negative events in life occurred due to social connectedness.Objective;To find the negative effect of social connectedness in our life events, that made individuals tosuffer shame and guilt.4To explore the interrelationship of social connectedness, life events appraisal, Shame and Guiltamong adults.To find the negative effect of social connectedness, life events appraisal, shame and guilt amongmale and femalesOperational definition;Social connectedness; Social connectedness is the interaction of individual. On the scale higherthe score, higher is the social connectedness.Life event appraisal; The distressed or unhappy events occurred in life.Shame; A painful, humiliating feeling or an unfortunate and regrettable situation. Higher thescore on the scale higher is the proness of shame.Guilt: A feeling of culpabiliy and blameworthiness. Higher the score on the scale higher is theproness of guilt.Hypothesis;Following will be the hypothesis of the research;H0: There is no significant interrelationship among social connectedness, life event appraisal,shame and guilt among adults.H1: There is a negative significant interrelationship among social connectedness, life eventappraisal, shame and guilt among adults.5Instrument;Questionnaire will be the instrument of my study.Scales;Following scales will be used in my study:1. Social connectedness scale- Revised2. Appraisal of life events scale3. Shame and guilt proness scaleSocial connectedness scale- RevisedRichard M. Lee and Steven B. Robbins are the authors of this scale and it was created in 1995.It is a 6 point likert scale. It is used to measure the level of connectedness among individuals.Higher the score, higher the connectedness. Its internal consistency is ? > .92 (Lee, 1995).Appraisal of life events scaleMonroe and Kelley created this scale in 1995. This scale is designed to provide a reliable andvalid index of the three primary appraisal dimensions described in Lazarus and Folkman’stransactional model of stress – namely threat, challenge and loss. It is an adjective check list thatcan be used to assess appraisals of retrospectively recalled stressful events as well as ongoingstressful encounters. It is a point scale and measures the intensity of the event of life. ItsCronbach's alpha was 0.80 for items related to threat, 0.82 for items related to loss and 0.91 foritems related to challenge (Kelley, 1995).6Shame and guilt Proness ScaleTaya R. Cohen, Scott T. wolf, A. T.Panter and Chester A.Insko created this scale in 2011. Thisscale measures the individual differences in the propensity to experience guilt and shame. It is a6 point likert scale. Its internal reliability and consistency is 0.77 and 0.81 (Taya R. Cohen,2011).Participants;Participants of the study will be 250 adults, 50 for pilot study and 200 for main research study.Material and procedure;Material of the study will be questionnaires. For collecting a sample of 200 individuals studyingin different fields were selected from Rawalpindi and Islamabad region. Before collecting dataresearcher take them in confidence and their written consent will be taken from each participantwho volunteers to participate to study. Then researcher will explain how to fill demographicform and the questionnaires. Demographic sheet will be constructing to collect information fromthese participants regarding their age and gender. Here will be no time limits set for them. Theywill be instructed to fill the demographic sheet and questionnaires honestly. After filling thequestionnaires results of these questionnaires will be entered in SPSS sheet and tabulated,analyzed and interpreted through the application of SPSS.Data analysis7Pearson co-relation, t-tests and Regression will be applied on the data in order to analyze it.Cronbach’s alpha reliability will be used to measure internal consistency and reliability ofresearch questions.Significance of current study;This study is new and innovative therefore much needed to be explored. .Implication;The results of the following study will be used in1. Academic level:Spread awareness in institutions by conducting campaigns, and by sending booklets withawareness to different institutes.2. Community level:By selecting different NGOs working in Rawalpindi and Islamabad region and makingthem aware and asking them to spread this information with other NGOs working indifferent provinces (20 NGOs from different provinces) via mail service and they willmake the people aware.3. Policy level:By taking our results to the federal ministry, so that the government and higherorganizations take initiatives to spread this awareness.