Education the economy. Competition is now increasing within

         Education is the main pillar in the social and
economic development of any country. It solely lifts a country from the abyss
of ignorance and darkness to the path of development, progress and prosperity.
In today’s competitive world, education has become a prime need and a huge
industry. In public as well as in the private sector the quality of education
and facilities associated with educational institutions is becoming an
important factor that is considered for attracting and retaining the students
who want to get higher education. The education sector is one of the most
important sectors of an economy now. Many countries are now shifting their
economies from manufacturing to the services sector. The education sector is
one of the most important service sectors. The education sector is now
considered as important as any other sector of the economy. Competition is now increasing
within the industries in the service sector. Students are one of the most
important stakeholders of education quality. To satisfy students is one of the
prime purposes in the education sector. Satisfied students are source of
competitive advantage and are source of word of mouth marketing for educational
institutions. Satisfaction and motivation of students in educational sector may
be attributed to the provision of quality at the institute (Ahmad & Nawaz,

 Education is the process of learning, or
acquiring of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational
methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed
research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, but
learners may also educate themselves (Dewey,1944,p.4). The methodology of
teaching is called pedagogy. The quality of education and student’s
satisfaction are important elements of education. Quality education for all has
emerged as one of the most desirable goals throughout the world. One of the six
goals, outlined by the World Education-Dakar Framework for Action (2000), is
related to the improvement of “all aspects of quality education” in order to
achieve the identified learning outcomes (UNESCO, 2000). The education sector
is expanding very rapidly all over the world. Globalization and digital
revolution have created a demand for new and varied disciplines in education.
Due to this the cost of education has gone up manifold with better teaching
methodologies and learning instruments. The increase in the number of
institutions, in higher education has led to an intense competition. Many new
institutions have been established and 

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