Editorial The number of this employees were around

Editorial TaskStudent Name:- Payal Patel. Student ID:-13534040Professor name:- ?                                         THE AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW                                                 WAGE SCAM OF 7 eleven.In corporate history of the world, 7 eleven underpaid employee fraud case is worst and very well known case in today’s date. Most concerning reason is that this issue went unnoticed for so many years.ABC- Fairfax conducted an joint inquiry to examine exploitation of workers. Most of employee who suffered because of this issue were Indians and also on student visa which means countries economy is also effected. The number of this employees were around 1.3 million which is a very unexpected it’s not unfortunate but planned and intentional. Employees were paid around 10dollar an hour which means less then half of award rate. Australian taxation offices highly affected in terms of tax. This also reveals visa condition breaches by the international student who can work for only 20hours a weak, and employer have been abusing them by taking advantage of this regulations. Even after three major raids were conducted by Fair Work Ombudsman within six years there were no visible changes in the situation, in fact the things went going as they were and couldn’t be controlled as expected. 3 stores out of 5 had this issues on their balance sheet of payroll of employees. Which was double the number of stores doing fraud as compared to last raid. It is very visible that franchisees make profit by not paying legal wage to their employees and since students needs to fulfil their expenses and this is way to earn extra money they are easy to be abused. No one is ready to take charge of this scam as to who is a sole responsible overall for this. Under the compensation scheme $150 million were paid to around 3400 employees however since the company had been unfair with almost all employees and many of them had left the company already had no chance to even claim their hard earned money.this amount is the highest compensation till now in the history. And this ex employees were paid appropriate in bank account however later forced to give half of the money back to them away from CCTV.According to Gold Coast franchise roster and payroll sheet had a perfect match however only 4 amongst 11 received their payment.  The head office had a concern since more the half branches were in oppose to the obligatory actions and it was disappointing as it has major effect on brand name. Also they stated this can not be accepted and they will be taking appropriate action against franchise to control this situation. However it seems this all was happening under their knowledge since no committed actions were taken. The ration of profit between head office and franchise is 57% goes to head office and 43%  is of franchise. Under a survey conducted at Melbourne store payroll amount was $171000 and gross profit after deduction is $90000 unfortunately if they paid appropriate wages amount should be only $40000. Sales and profit differs for every store thus it is really impossible to track this records. There has to be a team provided by Fair work for international students or working visa holders to support them for not getting exploited in Australia.