Downsizing used when selecting employees to downsize, and

Downsizing is a reduction in organizational size and reducing cost of production in order to increase organizational efficiency, productivity, and the competitiveness of
the organization. Organizational members are the victims who unwillingly lose their jobs
due to organizational
downsizing. Researchers define organizational downsizing as
a purposeful reduction of employees within an organization (Hopkins and
Weathington, 2006). Early downsizing cause to happen due to poor economic condition
but now of downsizing is not limited to that, it include the need to reduce the
number of employees to meet economic requirement (Dolan, Belout, & Balkin,
2000). Many organizations may decide to reduce the employees only to remain competitive
after the downsizing is done (Hopkins and Weathington, 2006). Those who survives
find it difficult to adapt to the changes and need help from leaders to help
rebuild the trust and confidence that they lost during the downsizing (Hopkins and
Weathington, 2006; Beylerian and Kleiner, 2003).

Downsizing is a process that every organization
should try to avoid as much as possible. If need downsizing is necessary for survival,
then organization should enough time for preparations and communicate with
employees. Preparations help reduce an employee’s concerns and give him enough time
to work for job and seek other options. Proper communication with employees help
understand the reason that lead to downsizing, the criteria used when selecting
employees to downsize, and what to expect during the changes. Organizational
leaders should address the differences employees may experience in hopes of
making sure motivation and commitment remains intact for the employees who
survive (Latham & Pinder, 2005). Researchers discovered that committed employees
will highly likely stay with an organization after the commencement of downsizing
(Spreitzer and Mishra, 2002). Organizational leaders should remember that
surviving employees to bear the burden to keep the organization operating as if
no changes occurred. Employees need motivation and leadership in order to
continue to find ways to maintain positive work attitudes and behaviors while
rebuilding trust in the organization.

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