Domestic when they become adults. The handout

Domestic violence can happen to people from all races, age, sexual orientation, social status and gender. Forms of domestic violence include rape, stalking and abusive behaviour against a person. Domestic violence has adverse effects on those who go through it as well as those who witness it.

The effects range from physical injury, body and mental health complications and economic loss in terms of money used in treatment. It is worth noting that violence caused by men is not a result of their mental illnesses, but by the lack of anger and stress management skills. There are myths and realities about domestic violence, but with the knowledge of prevention tips many cases can be avoided.

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The information provided in the handout is very important in empowering women. According to statistics and research provided in the handout, women are at a higher risk of being victims of domestic violence. This has put me on the watch out as it is clear that rapists and stalkers are looking for opportunities to exert their control. The handout has also proven important as it has helped me to understand why in spite of a lot of public awareness; domestic violence is still going on.

As is explained, our parents often assault one another in front of the children while paying no attention to the bad lessons the children could learn from their uncivilized behaviours. Later on in life, children get involved in violence thinking it is a normal way of life. There are so many ways of preventing domestic violence. As a woman, I believe it is my role to educate my children on domestic violence while they are still young, so that they may not part from the teachings when they become adults.

The handout has helped me realise that stalking is just as dangerous as other forms of domestic violence. Stalking instil fear in a person, making him or her lose his or her freedom. This can lead to death, mental illness and the victim can hardly do tasks expected of them since they do not know what will happen next. Stalking is worsened by the fact that there are no behavioural facts that can predict what a stocker will eventually do.

They may torture their victims, assault them, rape them or even kill them. The government and the organizations that work toward helping victims of violence should involve all people in the community especially women who are the key in enhancing and implementing change. As a woman, I should have nothing to be ashamed of in taking measures against a stalker or rapist since I am the victim.

Having learned of the great effects of domestic violence, loss in low work output, failure to go to work, employment problems due to the self-doubt, depression and confusion experienced by the victims, I have not just made it my point to be more careful, but also to assist victims by taking them for counselling. So as to fight domestic violence, ladies and women being the most affected, need to be aware of all the preventive tips towards rape and stalking.

Ignorance is no defence and therefore, people should not live on assumptions and myths. In conclusion, the handout is not just informative, but also inspiring. However, the latest cases of rape have involved people who the victims are well acquainted with. It is therefore important to emphasize to all that caution should be taken even against close friends when it comes to rape.