Do have comparable speeds.They both have the

Do you use Ethernet and/or wi-fi in your home ?I use wi-fi in my home. Its a FTTH connection.Similarities between Ethernet and Wireless Technologies :Both provide Internet connection.Both have comparable speeds.They both have the same functionality.Both support IPv4 and IPv6.Difference between Ethernet and Wireless Technologies :Ethernet requires wired connection while wireless connections does not.Wireless is half Duplex.Data can is either sent / received.Ethernet is Full Duplex.Data can be simultaneously sent and received.Wireless can be considered as less secure since packets can be spied on without a physical medium.Ethernet can be considered to be more secure since a physical medium is required is spy on information passing.Wireless technologies have a limitation of distance up to which the router supports while in Ethernet distance wont matter since length of the wire can always be increased.Wireless connections can have lots of interferences, while wired connections are not that susceptible to interferences. Steps necessary to set up a wireless network :Switch off the modem if its available.Remove any connected devices with Ethernet cable.Make a connection between the Ethernet cable and wireless port on the router.Switch on the modem.Switch on router.Go to wireless connection in your PC.Connect to the router using the default id an password which is usually admin-admin.Login to the router.Go to browser. Browse to Router ip address. ex) Tp link- the password. Configure the router settings according to your network provider.Wire-Less Connection set up complete.Challenges and concerns one might experience when using wireless your home, at school, or in a coffee shop.  Security:Wireless connections can be susceptible to hacking.A secure authentication is a must for wireless networks.Interferences:Wireless networks are susceptible to interferences.Adjacent channels and Doppler shifts are two major factors contributing to interferences.Less BandwidthThe amount of information and the rate at which it can be sent is limited in wireless connections.In schools, coffee shops and other public wireless networks the connection is not reliable.The connection shared by large numbers.When there is more no of connections the bandwidth ios shared and hence will lead to slower connections.How the wireless developments over the last 5 years have impacted networking:There has been a huge development in the wireless industry,.New technologies are coming up everyday which are benefiting the consumers.Devices like Chromecast have enabled the users to stream content on TV using their smart phones and tablets.Wireless connections have had a huge impact on IOT devices.New WiFi protocols have come up which are capable of very high speed connections of up to 10Gbps.In the past 5 years we have seen an a leap from 3G to 4G connections.It is an industry which is constantly evolving.