Do best boys and girls. Parents expected us

Do not compare yourself with othersComparing yourself with others gives a false feeling that you live and exist here and now. However, it completely destroys your uniqueness and individuality. There are so many arguments that comparing yourself with others is a stupid idea. Why this is so, and how to correct this situation, we will try to understand this article.Everything is known in comparison, but it steals your happinessComparing ourselves with other people is our habit. It was instilled in us from childhood. Both in the kindergarten and in the school, teachers and teachers set the example of the best boys and girls. Parents expected us to be no worse than the best in the group, school, institute. We were always compared with our neighbors, with relatives, close friends.The highest bar was always limited to the highest bar of the best person in your environment. And if your environment was the best you, then comparing yourself with the rest gave you a sense of invulnerability and superiority.In the company of girls there is always one ugly. If you have no ugly people in the company, then maybe it’s you!Many of us are reveled in comparing our lives, social status, appearance, salary and income with others. Thus, we show that we want to belong to society, to be a part of it. When we are faced in comparison with other people, we measure our strengths and weaknesses.But objectively the comparison will not work! There are no two identical people with the same abilities and abilities. We do not live in ideal conditions for comparison. Someone turns out to make good money, but someone turns out to make good friends. And if you are the same in something, then you are absolutely different in another.Direct comparison always leads only to disappointment, self-pity, a decrease in self-esteem and envy. Let’s figure out why we should avoid comparison by any means.Why compare yourself to others senselesslyComparison links to dependency on othersWhen we begin to compare ourselves, what we compare becomes dependent on how we evaluate and perceive others around us. If in the showroom the manager sells cars more than all others, for example 100 cars per month, he experiences an emotional rise and pride in himself. In the salon a newcomer is set to work, which starts selling 110 cars a month. And although the first manager sells the same 100 machines a month, as before, he blames himself for not being able to do anything in this life, his self-esteem falls, and he begins to envy the newcomer. Comparison only creates a false sense of importance, and it is better to avoid it.Comparison inculcates stereotyped thinkingComparison with others ruins our individuality. It actually forces us to do things that we do not want to do.As soon as we begin to play a comparison, we can no longer learn to think pragmatically. We are blinded by our stereotype or standard. The desire to have all the best that your ideal has, will absorb you, while your real desires will remain incomplete, and your skills and skills will remain undeveloped.