Dear particular issue.It is of your opinion that

Dear Mr.Krishnaballu,This is in response to your article written on 20 November 2017, on regarding the release of the forthcoming movie-Padmavati.I went through your article and it was really striking and overwhelming but after reading your so-called”ARGUMENTATIVE ARTICLE”, it made me think for a while and now  I disagree with you in relation to your opinions.This made me write a letter back to you to counter your point of views or standpoint.You have persistently propounded in your article about “crafting the narration” mentioned -by ‘portraying evil Khilji as a friendly boy next door’.But I must tell you that there’s nothing in relation to this context in the trailer, neither any review has been posted.Also, the biggest question is, have you seen this movie without being released.In addition to it, that, it is an entreaty that please don’t make everything controversial on this earth as it is a right of the director to display as much creativity as possible.That is very well and widely noted as ‘artistic liberty’ which denotes the freedom of directors for showcasing his or her own creativity, thoughts or ideas to improve that piece of art.Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the director of Padmavati and many other awe-inspiring films like Bajirao Mastani is a very renowned director of the Bollywood film industry.You cannot make fun of him with your opinions or statements which are being posted on the internet, which can be viewed by the international audience.You are trying to make arbitrary averments on him as Mr.Bhansali is not at all claiming himself to be a historian and you have clearly made a statement in your article that”A Bhansali is not a historian of repute to have his own views”.In addition to counter another idea of yours is neither he is changing history nor any historical fact, instead just fantasizing it to make it more creative and expressive.Being a poet as well as a columnist you might definitely know that a movie is not an authentic replica of history, nor a research document of any particular issue.It is of your opinion that the movie is fit for a total ban.So now I shall also state that “Mr.Krishnaballu is not any court judge or does not have any relations with the Bollywood industry to adjudicate any film for a ban”.By proclaiming to ban the movie, it clearly shows that now the only target of the whole mass(public) seems to be “Padmavati” just because a certain group of people did not like the point of view of Mr.Bhansali considering the Rajputs in Rajasthan.We should keep in mind that though the real story has been distorted a bit or even has been exaggerated but the director has not aroused the feeling of violence or has not negatively influenced the audience.As mentioned,the words used in the article for the filmmakers as biased or egocentric, I may remind you that Mr.Bhansali has never been against the fact of the history nor he has professed that anyone has to believe and accept the story which he has unveiled.This may explain to you that writing anything in the article does not change anything or cajoles the audience, please rethink about what you write.According to me, I infer from this topic is that it is necessary to fill out the gaps in the life of the characters of a film story which is done through writer’s or producer’s imaginations, creative outlooks and their convenience,and in this case I don’t think that a movie’s name should be changed  just for getting rid of so-called “controversies”.I really admire your sense of humor, but it has no sense of changing the movie’s name, reason being, to serve some coterie of the nation.Furthermore, you have given a lot of instances including Vishwaroopam, Rajasthanis being fringe and etcetera instead of coming straight to the point.The point seems to be very unforeseeable due to, being supported by tangential illustrations. To conclude I can say that India is a free and democratic country, we all have freedom of speech and expressions, and this right is enjoyed by the movie makers, even if they stretch the artistic liberty during the production, entertain the masses.We should not create any hullabaloo about it and let us all be tolerant of mind and spirit.Yours faithfully,Sanyam Jain