Dear hold her own bottle. The children repeat

Parents, I have extensive experience working with children, also I have a
degree in early childhood education; so, I will describe the useful steps that
you can take for helping your child’s development. It will be easy to follow
these steps. I will give you some information about the theory from a famous
psychologist named Piaget

Piaget’s theory is concerned about the child rather than the adult
learner and their mental growth. It emphases on cognitive development, but it
doesn’t talk about learning of information or behaviors. The purpose of the
theory is to explain the mechanisms and procedures by which the infant, and the
child, progress into a person who can reason and thinks using hypotheses. The
theory advises that children move through various stages of intellectual development
which emphases not only on understanding how child acquire information but also
on comprehension the nature of intelligence. The first stage he calls
sensorimotor because children use their five senses and movements to learn.
Piaget believed that children play an active role in the learning method,
acting much like little scientists as they accomplish experiments, make
observations, and study about the world. As children interact with the world
around them they always accumulate new knowledge. They build on current
experience and adapt previously held ideas to accommodate additional
information. Parents can support early learning by providing the appropriate
materials for them to play with. They can also spend time engaging and guide
the baby. Sandra is in the secondary circular reactions stage right now which
means she is understanding your actions and she can memorize this action and
she will repeat because she has her own goal line. For example, she wants to
drink milk/water and hold her own bottle. The children repeat enjoyable actions
that include objects as well as the movement connecting their own bodies at
this stage.

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            In addition, Piaget’s theory, it will
give you information about how Sandra will learn the language. Some scientists believe
that language is acquired step by step through combining ideas with parent’s
reactions; to reinforce children’s language by means of repeating their own
words back to them, and correcting their words. For example, when Sandra says
ma-ma you should repeat that do you want to say, mom? A different theory
explains that language is innate, and children’s brain is ready to use a
language, so you should talk with your baby. Another theory talks about social
Impulses that help a child learn the language. They have social impulses
because the children need social interaction to survive; children look at
parent’s faces and they listen to parent’s voices.  I think that all the theories talked about
the fact, so those theories will be helpful to use for helping your child
develop language.