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Dareen abdel rahmanMs. SchullLanguage arts 8 January 2018Jackie RobinsonI wrote about jackie robinson and how he changed a lot in american society and in baseball .Jackie robinson was a very brave guy and wouldn’t let anyone get to him, for example people would talk about how he was black and everyone else in baseball was white.Early life Early life of jackie robinson is not too complicated. He was born in cairo, georgia , in 1919 to a sharecropping family. Then in 1920 he moved to pasadena, california, with his mother malie. I have tried to find out what happened to his dad but i can’t find anything, i only found that his name is Jerry Robinson. He has 3 brothers and one sister. There is only information on one of his brothers and his sister. Both are older than him. There names are Willa Mae Robinson and Mack Robinson, mack actually won a medal in the olympics in track.What he was famous for         Jackie robinson was famous for being the first black baseball player in a major league. Actually jackie played many sports but baseball was the one that he was known for since he was on a major league team. He played football on a school team. Since he was very known for baseball he did not start when he was 21-26 because of world war 2 so he started with the brooklyn dodgers until he was 28. just as active in his pursuit of equality during his retirement, as a public advocate for civil rights and a board member of the NAACP. What jackie impactedJackie robinson impacted a lot. One of the major things is after he got on a major league baseball team they finally started having a lot of black baseball players. Even tho a lot would laugh at jackie for being black on the baseball team where everyone was white he wouldn’t listen to the hate. Another thing that jackie impacted was the society in general for america they started being nicer to blacks and everything. There was a law with him that he has to not react to hate from the white and he can’t hate on them, he had to act as he didnt hear them. CONCLUSIONThe conclusion is that he was the first black baseball playerWorks Citedhttp://www.history.com/news/11-things-you-may-not-know-about-jackie-robinson http://www.umass.edu/pubaffs/jackie/earlylife.htmlhttps://jackierobinsonchangedsports.weebly.com/effect-on-society.htmlhttps://www.csmonitor.com/Technology/2013/0204/Jackie-Robinson-The-baseball-legend-s-legacy-after-baseball