When stabilization and preservation of cultures and their

When we talk about Indian culture we to say that the culture here undergoes transformation but it maintains its continuity. Hence, there is conti­nuity and change. Kroeber has defined culture process as under:

By process of culture we mean those factors which operate either to­ward the stabilization and preservation of cultures and their parts or toward growth and change. Changes, in turn, may consist either of increments, such as new developments, inventions and learned traits acquired from outside; or of losses and displacements.

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What Kroeber calls social processes actually means direction of culture change. There are obviously two directions: one of stabiliza­tion and preservation and the other of change and growth.

When there is preservation of culture it keeps the continuity of culture, and when there is change, new traits, complexes and patterns enter into the body of culture configuration.

It is also possible that the persist­ences and changes in culture give rise to a new blend of culture. Culture processes take place when one generation hands over its cul­ture to the new generation.

While discussing processes we must as­sume that culture is acquired; it is learned. It is in this acquirement and learning that the culture grows. We shall here, first, discuss some ma­jor culture processes and then deal with the theories of culture growth.