CREATIVE that creativity does not involve a single


In this essay I shall analyse some definition of creativity and underline the
importance of creativity. I give some consideration first to defining creativity and
then to differentiate between creativity and innovation. Often creativity and
innovation imply the same idea, however they are indispensable differences.

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Creativity is coming up with new ideas while innovation is an invention that has a
socio economic effect. Creativity is an important pillar for innovation. It is now
widely accepted that innovation and creativity are equal, creativity brings about
(successful) implementation.

History gives examples of great innovators, who were not able to benefit from
their work like for radio which was invented by German Heinrich hertz but
commercialised by Gugieimo Marconi, Engines powered by steam invented by
Thomas Newcomen commercialised by frenchman Nicolas sadi carnot and VCRS
which invented by Sony but made a commercial success by Matsushtia.

(Chris, 2012).

Creativity can show itself on so many different levels, it is the act of turning new
imaginative ideas and bring them to life. Creativity is characterised by the ability
to see the world in a new way, to find hidden patterns, to make connections
between unrelated things, and to find a solution. Creativity involves two
processes: thinking then producing (Naiman, 2014).

A person in business has to find unique solutions every day and know how to
react to situation creatively. Richard Florida (2002) stated human creativity is the
ultimate economic resource. The ability to come up with new ideas and better
ways of doing things is ultimately what raises productivity.

Gurteen (1998) found creativity to be “about divergent thoughts and to come up
with new ideas”

Neuroscientist who study creativity has seen that creativity does not involve a
single brain region or even a single side of the brain instead it draws on the whole

brain. This complex process involves many cognitive systems ( both unconscious
and conscious) and emotions, with different brain regions gathered together to
handle each task and to work together as a team to get the work done ( Graham,

Creativity is often mixed with innovation but literature identifies a clear difference
between the two of them.

According to Ditchel metal. (1994, p.994), to states that innovation, is the very
first introduction of new product or process to the market place. Innovation is an
important idea to help understand a manager and a whole organisation. Used in a
correct way innovation can give an organisation the competitive advantage they
need to be successful in the market.

(Berkun, 2013) describes innovation as a positive change its an outcome a result
something you work towards achieving.

” Innovation is vital In the work place because it gives companies an edge In
penetrating markets faster and provides a better connection to developing
markets, which can lead to bigger opportunities, especially in rich countries.
Innovation can also help develop original concepts while giving the innovator a
proactive, confident attitude to take risks and get things done. When a company
has an innovative culture, it’ll grow easily, despite the fact that the creative
process isn’t always easy and simple. Tired-and-tested methods may be reliable,
but trying out new thing is worth while experiment” (Forbes, 2017).

Difference between Creativity and Innovation is that there is a difference
between ideas that is new, an invention that is new and an innovation. A new
idea is a thought about something new or unique. If you take an idea and make it
new it is invention: if you take an invention and let it loose into the world, and it
changes the way people live, that’s called an innovation.

Having creative thinking skills explain how people deal with different problems/
ideas. Skills that are important in this process are as follows:

Risk taking, Problem Solving and Imagination. Risk and thinking help us with
identifying problems, finding the right solutions, generate, improve ideas and also
apply them to business motivation. Also flexibility helps us choose the proper
idea, consider different ways of achieving them, improving of attitude towards

risk and eliminating boundaries. In other to achieve goals a person has to be self ”
confident, determined and persistent, there are so many different ways one can
improve and develop these skills they are:

Acting on the ideas because creative thinking is worth the while if the
outcome is action.

Providing time and resources to bring the ideas to life, if you don’t do so
means your firm will fail to benefit from innovation and the flow of ideas
will be lost because staffs will feel the process is not worth it and pointless.

We also need to act on ideas and understand there is more than one
problem and we have to see that each problems can be solved in different

Another way to improve creativity is my synthesis. Using these ideas many
ideas can be compared and from them combined into new ideas.

Collaboration when groups of people are working together to achieve a
particular purpose, creative ideas can be shared between different
individuals and make a final decision.

Action planning – Once the idea is taking into consideration and this discussed the
next step is to think about the way it would work and how long it would take to
achieve action planning. Action planning will allow you focus your idea and what
steps you need to take to achieve a particular goal. Before you start setting a plan
you need to be self motivated and innovative because our goals have to motivate
us and you also have to think about possible ways to get close to your goals and
don’t forget to look at obstacles and find solutions on how to cope with them.
When you start working on your plan you need to identify the main objectives.
You need to priorities what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. it is
also important to choose how you want to work some people prefer working in
teams while others prefer working alone, choose how you prefer to work for
efficiency. Another important step is to plan a deadline and finish work at your
deadline. Effective planning gives us basic step so we are able to reach our goals.
Richard Florida (2002) states that human creativity is the ultimate economic
resource the ability to come up with better ways of doing things is what increases
productivity and therefore living and how to transform your creativity into a
business idea.

Creativity can be applied to a business idea in different ways. If we look at the

Fashion industry creativity is important. The first step designers take is the
creative stage of building a collection. Fashion designer have inspiration
workbook, it inspires designers by helping them develop personal creativity and
use its tools to achieve design goals.

In conclusion, a person who owns a business is an entrepreneur and being an
entrepreneur involves risk taking which means that to become an entrepreneur In
the first place you would have to be someone who thinks creatively because
somehow you would have generated your own business plan and believe in it in
order to take a risk and be sure it will work for you. Creativity and innovation are
two very important concepts when it comes to business, without these two things
I doubt that anyone would be able to run a successful business. The companies
that have been the most successful over the long haul are the ones who are most
creative and innovative. The more innovative you and your co-workers are the
more successful you become. Bringing creativity and innovation into what your
currently doing as a business is a game changer because you thought about this,
it’s you own and it has become something very big and an idea people want to
tap from (copy).

Companies who are creative and innovative do not steal ideas from others
instead they come up with their own ideas and they put them into
implementation, if they should see another company whose copying what they
do, they create something that’s better than what other companies are currently
copying. They are able to be more creative and come up with new ideas in order
to attain long-term success. If you consider yourself to be creative you have to
start setting a strategy on how to realise your ideas you may have an influential
idea in the future. An important tool which lead people to finding right decisions
and solving problems it helps to plan new strategies that you can apply to a