Conventionally, the characters are independent of the

ethnic groups were regarded as a group of people confined to a certain region
and characterized by a certain trait. Such people would have a common ancestor
and speak almost the same language. However, Frederick Barth changed this
perception through his revolutionary view concerning ethnicity. Barth came up
with the perception of ethnicity as the interactions of various groups of
people in a given location. 

to Barth, the obstacles being imposed on an individual or a group of people
does not define ethnic conflicts. Furthermore, the lack of communication
between various people is also not a measure of determining ethnicity. Instead,
ethnicity is defined as the processes through which the intrinsic characters of
a certain group of people are maintained regardless of the geographical
location that they occupy. Furthermore, the characters are independent of the
historical backgrounds of the individuals since they are defined by a multitude
of people rather than single individuals. Besides, Barth’s perception of
ethnicity makes it possible to identify an individual based on their ethnic
characteristics from a group of people. This is known as ethnic labels.

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therefore, highlights specific aspects of his perception of ethnicity. For
instance, his view on ethnicity is solely built upon the interactions of
various individuals with their colleagues. The interaction can further be
scaled up to the ethnic level where different ethnic groups interact freely
without each other without necessarily getting into a conflict. Finally, the
interaction of various people with their counterparts makes it possible to
identify them based on their ethnic groups.

view of ethnicity and ethnic conflict is slightly difficult to what is proposed
by Barth. According to Pierre’s theory, ethnicity is defined as the familial
bonds that hold together people of common ancestry in a certain region. Such
people share almost similar genetic make-up due to their common roots. This
theory is similar to that of Barth such that they both involve the interaction
of various groups of people. However, there is a great contrast between the two
theories since, while Barth’s theory deals with the interaction of various
people peaceful, van Pierre’s theory is majorly focused in conflicts existing
between various ethnic groups. The conflict mainly arises from the fact that
the conflicting parties are in need of resources in the community which is
scarcely available. Therefore, only those that are suitably adapted to compete
for the resources can access them.

mainly based his argument on social biology. More specifically, he discusses
the role of nepotism in the entire competition of the limited resources in the
society. This implies that those in power tend to give their families top
priority when disbursing the resources to the entire population rather than
basing their distribution on merit or other logical processes. Furthermore,
Pierre’s view also shows the extent of impunity in the society since those who
belong to elite ethnic groups are immune to any jurisdiction measures despite
their deeds. Pierre focuses on the genetic structure of individuals since it
forms the building blocks of families and subsequently the ethnic groups. It is
through this genetic makeup that the entire concept of nepotism is brought up
since people of the same ethnic group have a genetic makeup that is almost
similar. Race is important to ethnicity according to this theory since this
forms the untouchable of the ethnic group. Therefore, the success of the entire
race is dependent on the ethnic groups making up the race.