Hilton has set records as one of the largest hotels globally providing high quality and stylish hospitality. Currently Hilton provides full hotel services to more than seventy five countries with more than five hundred and forty hotel brands.

This is a rare achievement that makes Hilton a leader in the hotel industry. The reason why Hilton has been able to maintain high standards in the long run is the innovative move towards the provision of quality products, facilities and services. Hilton has always led the way in coming up with new ideas like having televisions in the guest houses.

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Hilton was also the primary initiator of the notion in franchising hotels, in the industry, opened the first airport hotel and initiated the first system to provide multi-hotel reservation services (Walker 76). For the past ninety years, Hilton has worked hard to ensure that it remains the top in the industry and consistently revealed an unbeatable expertise.

The other feature that has been emulated by thousands of other hotels in the industry is Hilton’s spirit to uphold hospitality and its unique culture. Hilton members have always formed a strong team that works on shaping the traveler’s events every day. The team members are given an opportunity to explore their careers in hospitality in all Hilton hotels and resorts globally.

Besides the hospitality, Hilton undertakes a function in the global society by participating in charitable activities and encouraging others to join them in these activities (Walker 78). Hilton also values and appreciates the community in which it operates in (Walker 88).

Hilton is an impressive hotel that no one can resist its services. High levels of hospitality and team work in ensuring quality services makes all the difference. What makes Hilton even more appealing is the creativity to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Making itself part of the global community is also remarkable.

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