China a renewable energy, which means it

China is one of the largest country, which means China is using many types of energy. However, China top 2 energy energy is coal and hydroelectric.   Coal  Coal is the most reliable energy in China in this moment. It is a fossil fuel, and it is a brownish black sedimentary rock. Coal is created by remains plant that have been live and died about 100-400 millions year. Also, there are 4 types of coal, they are peat, lignite, bituminous and anthracite.Coal in China                                                 4 types of coal                                           Advantages and disadvantages of coal  Coal is a good source of energy, because it is easy to burn. Also, China has a bunded of coal, that makes their coal cheaper. However, coal produce many carbon dioxide, therefore it will make China air more polluted, so chinese people will hurt their lungs and health. Also, coal is non- renewable, means it will be used up.Why China choose it  China choose this energy, because if their air is polluted, and use renewable energy to replace coal, after sell the coal. It will make China air cleaner and fresher, also earning money.Hydroelectric  Hydroelectric energy is a renewable energy that uses dams to store water. Using this energy to produce electricity it will not need to burn fuel. This energy is a renewable energy, because it uses the earth water cycle to produce electricity.Hydroelectric dam Advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric  Hydroelectricity is a good source of energy, because it is a renewable energy to produce electricity, which means using this way China air will be cleaner. When the dam is build, it can produce many electricity for China. However, dams are expensive to build, so it will waste a lot of money. Also it will need a large land for building dams, therefore it will destroy many animal habitat, and it is using many land in china. Why china choose it  China choose this energy, because in Southwest China, the rivers around them they are 2000m above sea level. Therefore, it can produce many electricity.Suggestion  The information that I have found, I think hydroelectric energy is the most suitable energy in China. Because this is a renewable energy, which means it will not be used up. Also, hydroelectric energy is cleaner, that makes China air cleaner. Although, hydroelectric energy it will use many moneys and lands. But comparing to coal, hydroelectric energy is better than coal.  Basically, China mostly use non- renewable energy, but China is starting to use renewable energy, such as hydroelectric and wind energy. Using these energy all of them can produce electricity for China.