Charcoal woods to make charcoals is a problem

Charcoal is an
unorganized formed of carbon. It is a color black substance and can serve as a
fuel. The primary material to make charcoal is woods and it is one of the
renewable resources. However, burning woods can cause many diseases like
asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, bronchitis and even premature death. The major
issue in environment would be logging and deforestation to collect timber for
charcoal production (Cho, 2009).  Trees
nowadays are not enough for wood demands that make the cost of it expensive
(Belen, Bucks, Carawana, Comedis, Costales, Embalzado, & Lugtu, 2017). In addition
to this, burning woods can make a place to be air polluted.  Having limited woods to make charcoals is a
problem of the people in the society. Ergo, some researchers found out that the
recycled paper can be used to make charcoals and that product is called paper
charcoal. The homemade making process of paper charcoal is like this: Papers
must be torn into small pieces; papers are soaked with water for a couple of
hours or it can be overnight; after soaking, mold and compress the soaked paper
to the desired shape; Let it dry with the use of the sun. That’s how the paper
charcoal made (Tolliver, 2017). There is another method of making paper
charcoal using a machine and it makes the process more easily (Fernandez,
2010). So, the use of paper as the medium of making charcoals is one of the
solutions to the problems regarding the woods as a primary material for making
charcoals. The researchers will make paper charcoals with the use of flammable
alcohol with different concentrations. The purpose of this research is to
promote reducing of cutting trees and also to reduce waste materials in the environment,
paper charcoal is very easy to do, it can made by every household. In
Philippines continue to battle with the worsening poverty problems and non-stop
increase in oil and fuel prices, many Filipinos today rely on wood charcoal to
save money. Paper charcoal saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and
keeps landfill space free for other types of trash that can be recycled.