Celine power. Immigrants such as the Chinese



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Richard. “2.” The Organic Machine: Hill and Wang, 2001, pp. 30–48


Race and Social class influence in
the Northwest


           In Richard White’s novel, The Organic machine he demonstrates how
the new American culture organized energy in different ways, especially using
steam and coal power, changed the human-river relationship that had been
established for centuries. White discus how the White men were not working with
the river, but forcing it to yield the products of its energy in a manner that
fit their needs.  These new machines “created
new opportunities for labor” (32).  These
new opportunities also lead to divisions by race, class, and gender as
different workers—Chinese, white laborers, and women, etc. —were given
different places on the river and differing access to power. Immigrants such as
the Chinese were hired only for laboring purposes due to their race to fulfill
the jobs that White men did not do. There were more than 4,000 Chinese that
worked in thirty-five canneries in the Northwest in 1881. Indians as well were
affected by this social and racial organization, they had signed many treaties
with the White men to give them the right to fish, but many Whites regarded
them as obstacles in their new American culture. They were trying to acquire
the benefits from the land and the river by using factors such aa race and
social class to get the benefits they desired.

            The Tacoma method was an application
for the Chinese, it was recorded to be used in history in many communities.
Many Whites disliked the Chinese because they didn’t abide the laws, took money
from the economy, and spent it in their origin country instead of using it for
the economy in Tacoma. They also felt threatened by them because they took part
in many jobs that kept white men and women laborers out of work. They were
considered thieves because they were stealing and threatening their way of
life. Tacoma rounded up all Chinese people expelled them 1885 which prevent
them from returning. This shows the racial influence in the Northwest and how
it impacted the Chinese “… it is simply a recognition of the fact that race is
an undesirable element …” (Lawson 234).  In
connection to the Organic Machine and
the article of the Tacoma Method, they
show how the issues of race and social class influenced the relations between the
White men and the immigrants especially the Chinese people in the Northwest in
the late 1800s.