Building news about Merlin will make customers believe

Building a good relationship with suppliers will benefit Merlin Entertainments in many different ways. First of all, Merlin’s reputation and aesthetical appearance will be seen more valuable and better than other companies within the industry. Having suppliers that always states positive news about Merlin will make customers believe that Merlin will treat them equal just like they treat their suppliers. Therefore, an increase in customers will bring nothing else but progress and improve Merlin’s performance and their business as a whole. Secondly, the strength of having good relationships with their suppliers will ensure that they get the best quality they possibly can get. This is because when you have a good relationship with someone, not only you will see them as someone you know but you will also see them as a friend. Therefore, Merlin having suppliers that are trustworthy with quality of suppliers will affect the performance of Merlin’s attraction tours, as of course the best rides and quality customers are captivated by the most. It will mean that Merlin will reach profit maximisation when offering the best quality products to customers within the industry which benefits Merlin’s performance overall. Finally, as stated before Merlin says they are ‘keen to develop relationships with new suppliers to our mutual benefit’. Being keen to develop relationships with new suppliers is essential. However, firstly building a good relationship with the supplier you currently are working with means that they can introduce you to new suppliers as time goes by. Therefore, having a wide range of suppliers is also essential as the more suppliers you have, Merlin will have a wide range of choice to choose which supplier they think is suited best for that specific attraction tour. Also Merlin and their suppliers are always negotiating for the best price which makes both of them satisfied. This will benefit the performance of Merlin as having a wide range of suppliers with a good relationship with them means that they will have quality products to all of their attraction tours.