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Mrs. Carpenter

December 11, 2017

types of drugs

are defined as a medicine or other substance
which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the
body.  Many people today are or
have been addicted to drugs and have tried going to rehab.  Sometimes treatments do not work, which is
sad for some people.  They can ruin
families, but the large number of drugs that are out in the world are also a
pretty big factor. There are around six types of commonly abused drugs; and
they all differentiate depending on their effect to the person.  The list is as follows: heroin, cocaine,
crack, hallucinogens, amphetamines,  and
alcohol.  All the types vary in the way that
they are made, used, and how they effect your body and mind.  Today we are going to get into how each
different kind does that.


This falls
under the opioid family but it is a destructive opioid in such terms that it
can destroy the brain.  It can cause some
people to have seizure episodes, psychosis, and hallucinations if the substance
is used in an abusive manner.  Since
heroin is used by a needle injection it can easily spread human disease, such
as STDs or other blood infectious diseases. 
Since this drug can seriously affect the brain it is known for causing many
health issues since it can interfere with the receptors of the brain.  These can tell the brain, hey that hurts, or
hey I don’t feel to good.  With these
gone your body has no way of telling when something is wrong because you can’t
feel that something isn’t right.  Since this
is a very addictive drug, users can start to depend on it to function very soon
into the abuse process.  The become more
tolerant of the drug, and so they must use more of it to achieve the same high.  Making it worse for the users, and their
families of course.  This is obviously
worse for the user since to much of this drug can cause a fatal overdose.  The death rate from heroin overdose in 2015
was around 13,000 people. Which is just crazy. 
The rehabilitation that must occur from the use of this drug has to be
done professionally.  This is because the
withdrawal symptoms from an addict of heroin can be fatal.


This drug
is a very strong stimulant even if it is taken in very small amounts.  The power the drug possess even with the smallest
of amounts can be very dangerous.  It induces euphoria, increases blood
pressure, and accelerates the heart rate. Which these can become very fatal
affects when taken lightly and not treated correctly.  The drug may cause fatal strokes or heart
attacks when overused.  The abuse of this
drug has been known to destroy someone’s life, as it can become very addictive
and is also very expensive.  Many times,
this drug has put people into situations where they have had either financial,
physical, and legal issues.  Due to these
very threatening or severe consequences when using this drug many people may
require having immediate professional rehabilitation.  So, this addiction does not end up consuming
every single aspect of their life. 
Which, since it is such an addictive drug many people may be ruined
after the use of it.


A potent form
of cocaine, crack is often smoked and suddenly creates an intense euphoric
sensation for a short while. Crack, since it is very cheap and easy to get your
hands on and abuse. Abusing the substance, however, can lead to immediate
addiction. Abusers are also at risk of suffering heart attacks and strokes with
every use. If you use the drug for a long period of time it can begin to cause
liver, kidney, and lung damage. Abusers must seek help in rehabilitation
facilities because the withdrawal symptoms are dangerous to themselves and
everyone around them. The need to be watched frequently to make sure that they
don’t act rashly because of their withdrawal symptoms. Sadly, if they aren’t
helped soon enough, they can die from an overdose of the drug. In 2015, nearly
7,500 people died from using crack cocaine.


PCP (phencyclidine) and LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) are
hallucinogens, which means that they make users feel, see, and hear things that
are not real. While they experience hallucinations with these drugs, users lose
touch with reality and enter mental states of disconnection. It makes them feel
as if their bodies and minds are not working together or connected, whatsoever.
Some users of PCP and LSD enter violent states of psychosis. Serious injury
could occur while hallucinating on these substances, which have caused
permanent neurological damage in cases of repeated abuse. Withdrawing from
hallucinogens is not easy, and abusers will need professional treatment in a
rehab facility. It’s very hard to fall out of the hallucinations and some
people never recover to their old selves. Using these drugs can create very
serious medical problems, physically and mentally. In 2015, over 2,100 people
died from using these different types of hallucinogens.


These types of drugs are set to accelerate
the user’s bodily and mental functions, doing this can cause panic periods
where the user becomes distressed. There are many things that can accompany
these periods of distress and they are as follows: extreme paranoia,
inexplicable behavior, and delusions. This type of drug can change a person’s view
of the world so much that they become very violent, even towards their loved
ones.  They do this unintentionally of
course, they can’t control themselves when they are on these types of
drugs.  Many people have suffered
permanent physical damage, irreversible brain damage or even nerve damage.  Amphetamines are harsh, dangerous drugs, and the
abusers of these drugs need to take very cautious was into preventing the catastrophic
withdrawal symptoms that will most likely occur.  They need to seek professional rehabilitation
in professional facilities.


Abusing alcohol can cause psychological, physical, and social
problems. It can lead to the destruction of relationships, friendships, and
marriages. A lot of alcoholic abusers drink so much that their bodies are
unable to handle it. Sometimes this requires that they must be hospitalized for
alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is when too much of the substance is
in a person’s bloodstream. Abusing alcohol over a long period can result in
irreparable heart and liver damage and may lead to the drinkers being arrested
for driving under the influence, public intoxication or other law-related
issues. Furthermore, alcohol abuse can lead to injury or death to the people
around them while the abuser is under the influence. Alcohol withdrawal can be
fatal because of delirium tremens, which is a symptom that has the potential to
trigger heart failure or stroke. Refraining from drinking also is not easy when
it becomes a habit because of mental and physical issues. Professional rehab
assistance is often necessary for abusers of alcohol. There are plenty of AA
groups set up to help alcohol abusers who are going through withdrawals. Nearly
100,000 people die from alcohol-related incidents each year. All those deaths
could have been prevented, only if people were smarter about there use of this

As you
can see there are many types of different drugs and ways to abuse them.  The main thing to watch for if you go against
the law, saying that you do. Not accusing you, but be sure to watch out for the
negative affects a drug ay have or if the withdrawal symptoms may become fatal
if you stop taking the drugs.  The death
rates of the few that were shown here can explain to you the consequences of
using and abusing drugs. Drugs have torn apart many families, so watch out and
don’t get dragged into trying a gateway drug