Attendance calculation of hours attended but also

Attendance & Time Table Scheduling

Attendance & Time Table
Scheduling system can assist the schools, higher education in numerous ways.
There is no point in questioning that a well organized attendance system and
time table scheduling will not only save time by reducing the dependence on
manual processes which are involved in calculation of hours attended but also
the tracking of leaves will be an easy process.  By making class attendance system dynamic,
teachers can work with more accuracy and rapidly analyze the student’s time
spent in the classroom. This approach will help in the elimination of paper
work and enhance the technique of cloud-based attendance management system. The
scheduling will diminish the redundant entry of data and errors in entries made
in the attendance. The attendance scheduling will help in real-time tracking of
the status of leave requests. The parents can be informed regularly about the
performance of the student by the email and SMS alerts. Time-Table Scheduling
also assists in helping the students in maintaining well-organized learning.

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Live Classes

Live classes have its own perks.
It increases your flexibility by fitting the work schedule with much more ease.
Students can study and interact with the instructor as and when required
according to their suitability. Students can opt for their own work environment
which suits them and also acquire new skills. It also grooms the student with
the sense of self-discipline and responsibility.

Conference App

The perception behind this
feature is to take a break from studies and sharpen your skills. Students
attaining knowledge from the conference application will enhance their skills
with new ideas and approaches that will in turn make students efficient and
effective at studies. It also enhances the chances to get in touch with the
idols of the students and they can look up to them for any new perceptions.

Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia messaging entails
exciting and innovative opportunities. The utilization of multimedia messaging
can extremely useful for student’s learning if suitably implemented. Students
must effectively learn using multimedia instruction and integration of
multimedia can significantly enhance the skills of the students accordingly.

Academic Advisory System

Students are assigned academic
advisors which would assist them in better approach of learning. The academic
advisory system is a boon for the students as they can monitor their progress
easily with the presence of advisors in course selection and adaptation to
learning mode. The advisory system will provide the students with the overall
personality development of the students. 
To meet the requirement of the students, the advisory system knows how they
should deal with the academic problems of the students regularly and provide them
suitable advice as well as guidance.


Course Compliance System

Course Compliance System is a
must have element which is to be included in our objectives to achieve. The
compliance training can be well achieved by the use of the approach of learning
management system. It is vital for the schools to track the progress and growth
of the students regularly and this system will serve as the booster for them in
their learning.