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At Marina Bay Sands, there are over 60 restaurants catering up to 40 million visitors a year, and the laundry department caters up to 160,000 uniforms with over 600 designs and during peak seasons, there could be 200 cars parked in an hour and cars are expected to be retrieved and delivered within 7 minutes. As such, Marina Bay Sands is constantly sourcing for manpower and this compromises the recruitment of each and every employee. At the top of Marina Bay Sands sits The Sands SkyPark and only hotel guests with key cards are entitled access to the pool and lounge area. Zoning helps to prevent the existence of overcrowding by freeloaders, who do not have access to the infinity pool and disrupts the rightful user experience for the hotel guests. Also, there are security gates and screening that have to be passed before the entry to the infinity pool is allowed. In addition, during the entry operations process at the inifinity pool, key cards are kept to ensure authenticity of guests. One critical issue the infinity pool faces is the use of pool towels as there are no limit on the towels one can receive. As such, it poses environmental concerns as more than 1,000 towels are given out per day.  For the observation deck, guests have to pay to access and there is no limit to how long guests can stay, which poses a problem for the carrying capacity. There are also no seats or benches provided for guest’s usage, which poses as a challenge for those standing for long periods of time or easily fatigued senior citizens and pregnant women. Over the years, Marina Bay Sands have been faced with security threats like a rocket attack plot from Batam and bomb threats made online, which have thankfully been foiled due to close relations with the police force and taking severe actions to arrest those who make levelled threats online. There have also been safety threats incurred from the suicide of guests at the SkyPark, but safety features have been put in place to combat these safety and security issues.INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENTAims:Maximising the operations capacity and opportunities for visitor spending in the park. At the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, there is a carrying capacity of 600 visitors. As for the infinity pool, it can only cater up to 3,900 guests. This ensures that there is more than adequate space for the guests to roam around and not feel uncomfortable due to congestion, which could negatively affect the user experience and in turn, compromise visitor spending.  Ensuring safety and securityLimiting the number of people who can enter Sands SkyPark ensures that theft and damages to the property’s facilities and infrastructure are kept to the most minimal. Visitors would also feel safe and secure and gain the full user experience without worrying. Having consistent security parole and stimulation exercises also ensures that suspicious behaviour/personnel are kept at bay. To prevent visitors from falling and committing suicide, the outer perimeter of the SkyPark is surrounded by 2-metre-high screens and steel ropes. If guests propel over the edge of the infinity pool, they would fall into a catchment area which sends the excess water straight back into the pool. There are also nets and ledges underneath to prevent such falls. Minimising operating costs (Appendix 1) Marina Bay Sands uses part-timers, casual staff and offers internship opportunities to combat high labour costs, especially during peak periods. They are also committed to environmental sustainability, which helps them to minimise high utility expenses. Having preventive maintenance such as regular inspections on facilities also helps to lower operating costs in the long run and reduce downtime of the operations by extending equipment life.Catering to the needs of special visitor groups (Appendix 2)Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is listed in the Disabled People’s Association as one of the “Friendly Buildings” which means that it is suitable for disabled people such as the ambulant disabled and wheelchair users. It is also accessible for senior citizens and those with walking difficulties. There are wheelchair ramps, accessible lifts as well as accessible public toilets that are equipped with modified toilet fittings to ensure ease of use. Ensuring service quality standardsLike all organisations, Marina Bay Sands should have standard operating procedures for each department to abide by. Monthly service audits should be conducted by mystery shoppers to ensure service consistency based on set service expectations. Guest comments on all feedback platforms should be monitored to implement effective strategies to improve service standards based on the shortfalls.Solving major and minor problems as quickly as possibleEmployees should be cross-trained with other departments to know about the daily operations and functions. This allows them to provide appropriate solutions/service recovery depending on the severity of the problem and guest dissatisfaction level. It also ensures that visitors can make full use of the limited amount of time they have to spend at the SkyPark.Scope:Controllable:Staffing Levels Proper staffing is essential and heavy emphasis should be given during the planning process. This is because overstaffing will increase labour costs and unnecessary expenses as the staff are not fully utilised to their maximum potential whereas understaffing could cause the property to lose significant amounts of revenue as dissatisfied guests will lead to a decline in patronage and leave to find a competitor brand that can better meet their service needs and requirements.