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At first the universe of digital marketing as an area of business and learning was of the most important individual enthusiastic point because of its pertinence in contemporary business and advertising practice, as these days digital marketing isn’t just seen as an essential, avant-garde and cutting-edge service in business, however it has turned into an incorporated component of any marketer’s plan. In view of its magnitude in the business world today, the field is of much consideration as of late, bringing about a quite a few scholars and research work being done over it. Web-based social networking has developed in significance and online networking stages have turned out to be critical, proficient and persuasive apparatuses that must be comprehended, aced and overseen by organizations to get nearer to their clients diversely and convey extraordinary client encounter. Systems and techniques of digital marketing have turned out to be available to anybody, as long as one has what it takes and fundamental learning, and in this manner can deal with the current devices effectively.

The motivation to study digital marketing arose because of the various sub categories built in one vast universe. It is digital marketing which has become the driving force behind todays leading businesses. The last century has made more millionaires than the last two to three decades put together. This has been possible because of the advent of internet and digital marketing on a whole. Internet marketing and social media in marketing context also rose out to be a very important form of reaching to people and how consumers stay connected and informed these days. There are as of now a few books accessible on the best way to utilize online networking. Notwithstanding, less is thought about encounters organizations have picked up while utilizing online networking applications for showcasing purposes. Also, there are as yet many organizations that have not yet discovered the potential outcomes of the online networking or they require the data of how to utilize social applications successfully.

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This research work would go through the already done research and hypothetical foundation regarding the matter of digital marketing and related ideas, and additionally investigate in points of interest the digital promoting specialized instruments that can possibly make esteem and connect with the clients, and along these lines give a source to benefit for the organization. The advanced promoting specialized instruments are displayed, assessed and categorized utilizing a client driven approach, and actualized in the exact piece of the examination to make a digital marketing procedure for a current organization. This examination gives a client driven measurement to the subject of digital marketing strategy. The findings of this research would be for the company and how Lapixa as a company can benefit for supporting this research.