AsusTek with aggressive smartphones manufacturer and just focus

AsusTek Computer Inc. (a.k.a. ASUS)
is one of the most successful computer manufacturer in the world. In fact, it
was ranked at top 2 in 2017 (LAPTOP Editors,
2017). According to its own website, the name ASUS was derived from the
word ‘Pegasus’, using the last four letter as its name (ASUSTeK Computer Inc., n.d.). The company focuses on
manufacturing technological product which ranges from laptop to desktop, mobile
phones to tablet and graphic cards to motherboard. The company also has a Research
& Development department to research develop and improve new technology (ASUSTeK Computer Inc., n.d.).


As stated by Sun Zi: “One of the
best strategy in attacking the enemy is to attack the alliance and relationship
between the enemy and other nations.” This was cripple the support of other
nations to the enemy and to prevent them from strengthening their forces (Wee, 2003). ASUS implemented
this strategy by establishing ASUS Campus Elite (ACE) Program. The objective of
ACE Program was to enable students to collaborate with ASUS by giving them the
opportunity to learn new skills, connecting with fellow students who share the
same interest in technology and also learning from the experts (ASUSTeK
Computer Inc.).
By giving students all these benefits, ASUS could strengthen their support from
the students and also weakening the support of the students to other
competitors. Another strategy used by ASUS from the Art
of War was “when weaker than the enemy, it is best to avoid confrontation with
them” and “when being equal to the enemy, it is still possible to confront with
them” (Wee, 2003). These two
statements meant that when a nation is being outnumbered, avoiding them is the
best strategy to prevent massive casualty losses and if being equal with the
enemy, it is still possible to confront them for a chance of victory. As stated
in an interview with Jonney Shih, buyers would one day focus on the best
performance and price and ASUS will have to get involved in mobile phones or
else will have to face the possibility of becoming insignificant. Hence, he
decided to avoid competing with aggressive smartphones manufacturer and just
focus on customer satisfaction. Even without direct competition, ASUS Zenfone 2
was the 2nd best seller on Amazon in Italy and the United States (Lai, 2015). On the other hand, “one
must be able to unite himself with his underlings in one 

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