As school. In 1826 her father returned

As a young adult with a tragic childhood of death and sickness, a father bringing home toys would bring a smile to anyone’s face and inspire them. For Charlotte Bronte, the wooden toy soldiers brought home to her by her father inspired her whole writing career. Bronte and her other siblings would write stories about the wars the toy soldiers would go on, and even wrote them on smaller pieces of paper others could hardly read. Her childhood was full of death, from her mother to her two older sisters and sickness that almost took her father’s life. Due to the experience’s she had, she was molded into a great writer who created books that are still read across high schools and many homes today. Bronte was born to clergyman Patrick and Maria Bronte on April 21, 1816, in Thornton, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She had five other siblings, two of her older sisters passing away early on which made Bronte the oldest. She had two younger siblings left who she always winded up being back with, not enjoying when she would be away from them. Her and her sister, Emily Bronte, attended Clergy’s Daughter School at Cowan bridge in 1824 however eventually returned home due to the poor conditions of the school. In 1826 her father returned from a trip he had taken and brought back the wooden toy soldiers, thus beginning Bronte’s passion for writing. After being schooled at home by her aunt, Bronte attended Roe Head for a year before returning back to her family to help educate her younger sisters at home. In 1835 she went back as a governess but left in 1838 to take up a different job as a private governess for a family.  Between 1838 and 1841 she jumped from family to family as a governess, staying at one place for three months and another for nine months. Not being able to remain in one place for long, she returned to her two younger sisters and devised a plan to open their own school.  They knew they would need to be educated, so Emily and Bronte attended a school in Brussels in 1842. The sisters took a trip back home to Haworth and Bronte returned alone to Brussels in 1844.